Should You Trash or Tweak Your Blogging Business?

What a tough question.

Every day, bloggers face this question. Business seems dead.

Something is up. Something is off.

As I promote my online business burnout eBook I recall two specific chapters goading you to either trash or tweak your online business to avoid burnout.

I genuinely disliked my old blog, brand and business model nearly 5 years ago. I trashed it.

But since then, I progressively tweaked my blogging business through Blogging From Paradise.

Freelance writing income played a chief role during my blog’s inception and early growth.

But I tired of the stream because I had outgrown the income channel.

Enter eBooks, gone was my freelance writing business. Tweaking.

Eventually, I could trash my current blogging business. Who knows? Life is change.

I am open to change, being flexible.

If you feel totally burned out now, it may be time to completely trash your blogging business income streams or maybe a tweak is in order.

Let’s see.


Does your blogging business model feel heavy, like a leaden weight?

Consider trashing the business model to create a new business model with fresh, fun income streams.

5 years ago, I made a solid freelance writing income but the work felt like…

I slowly disliked freelance writing more every week. I also spotted a red flag; some multi topic blogs where I placed my guest posts for clients had evolved into content mills.

Uh-Oh. I saw the writing on the wall and stopped freelance writing because I lost the desire to freelance and could see big changes ahead.

Sure enough, Matt Cutts banned guest posting for links and many freelancers had to find a new way to profit.

I had a few clients with high level, respected, trusted, single topic blogs but still moved on because I was sick and tired of freelance writing, even though I prospered through the channel.

I trashed it and felt better immediately.

Should You Trash or Tweak Your Blogging Business? 2

Trash your blogging business model if you genuinely dislike working income streams.

Release the old, tired and worn out to make room for new, fresh and fun.

Make more money by releasing a losing proposition.


I enjoyed writing eBooks but my sales lagged.

I knew trashing this income stream would be foolish because I enjoyed writing and saw value in my reads.

Turned out, I needed to tweak my blogging income model a tiny bit to promote my eBooks freely and persistently.

Simply mentioning my eBooks more often through all I did online increased my blogging profits.

Piece of cake, eh? Sometimes, you make a different, small adjustment, like lowering prices, raising prices, or even changing the pricing structure.

Yesterday I changed my pricing model for my blogging course from a one time payment to a monthly subscription. Instantly, bloggers took notice and vibed with my new pricing strategy.

Tweak your business if it still feels fun to work but you know it’s time for an adjustment.

Sales may be flagging, or non-existent. Or you steadily see blogging profits but feel an intuitive nudge to do things a little bit differently.

Trust your gut. Adjust your business model to boost profits and to provide greater service to your readers.

Avoid Struggles and Burnout

You do not need to struggle terribly and burnout online.

Trash or tweak your current blogging business model for a breath of fresh blogging air.

One Small Favor

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