Should You Solve it Pay Someone or Ask Someone to Handle it?

My friend Joy Healey published my guest post on her blog:

Humble Yourself and Learn from Pro Bloggers

We chatted in comments. A conversation developed. Rosemary noted doing some legwork but outsourcing to get the job done. She likes a mix. During your early blogging days, I deeply agree. Time is ample. As a new blogger, you do not have 100 engagements to fulfill daily nor do you have 10 blog posts to create and publish. Learn how to solve some problems, solving it yourself. Gain confidence. Gain critical knowledge. Acquire priceless experience. But genuinely vexing problems require a different approach. Pay for a solution or ask a dear friend to solve it. No new bloggers should waste hours or days stuck on a blogging problem because time is still precious; even if you have ample time.

Pro Blogging? Different Story

I do not have 5 seconds to waste because I am an established, pro blogger. The moment you begin steadily thriving, everything expands. Work increases. Contacts grow. Engagements expand. Time becomes precious. Gordon Gekko famously stated he was “Rich enough not to waste time,” in the movie “Wall Street”. I own not G.G.’s wealth – currently – but know the man’s statement well. I simply do not waste time. I cannot afford to waste 5 seconds dicking around with a blogging problem, let alone 5 minutes. Either I pay for a solution or ask a dear friend to handle the problem. I made many dear friends over a decade so many line up to help me, solving problems fast. But new bloggers or struggling bloggers have no idea what it feels like to have so much business-building work lined up that you cannot waste 5 seconds trying to figure out a problem solo. How do you cultivate that feeling so you stop wasting time and either outsource or ask friends more often to solve problems? Pack your day tight.

Should You Solve it Pay Someone or Ask Someone to Handle it? 2

Pack Your Day Tight

At the beginning of each day, I seek blogging success by packing my blogging day tight. I intend to create and publish 10 posts between my blog and guest posting gigs. Being this busy I have little time to muck around. I also network generously, packing my day even tighter. As my engagements grow as far as emails and social media, my days seemed packed even tighter. I have only a few seconds to spare. Having seconds to spare ensures I never waste time fumbling around, trying to do something I need to either surrender, hand off outsource, or simply forget about entirely. I have ample clarity to never get caught up in analysis paralysis or other ego games created from energies of idleness, boredom or other fear-based states of mind. I have a job to do, do it, and hand off all elements best handled by other folks.

Again; until YOU decide to expand your blogging duties – this happens well before you begin making money – your schedule will appear to be wide-open, and your ego will foolishly micro-manage everything, wasting precious time. Engage in problem solving sometimes. Figure out issues on your own. Gain confidence and valuable experience in the process. But eventually, scaling becomes necessary if you want to actually become a pro blogger. Pay people to solve problems, to free up your time and energy. Ask friends to solve friends. Give your energies to creating and connecting in order to keep growing your blogging business.


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