Should You Share Your Link in 20 Spots or Just Guest Post?

Both, preferably. But if you need to choose one, stick with guest posting. Guest posting leverages your presence quite unlike any practice online. Imagine tapping into a huge, loyal blogging audience that loves your blogging niche, to begin with. Then, write and publish guest posts for this crowd. What an awesome deal. You share your content and promote yourself through a powerful form of leveraging. Leveraging is just reaching an increasing number of targeted folks by using multiple platforms online. I use Blogging From Paradise to reach my readers but leverage by guest posting on Blogging Tips, Netty Feed, Make Blogging and Blog with VK on a daily basis. Toss in guest posts I publish to Blog CD and Started Blogging regularly and you have a pretty sizable audience I reach routinely. Leveraging; pretty sweet way to reach a huge, targeted audience, and guest posting is hands down the best form of leveraging for bloggers.

Now don’t get me wrong, guys; sharing your latest blog post to Facebook Groups, on Twitter and to LinkedIn Groups helps grow your traffic and profits, too. I do see sharing blog posts as an alternate form of leveraging and suggest you do some sharing along these lines. But choosing between the two, guest posting makes more sense from a leveraging and credibility perspective. Here’s what I mean……imagine seeing a blogger guest post on a respected blog. You instantly know a few things, like:

  • this blogger must be credible because only skilled bloggers get invited to publish posts on respected blogs
  • this blogger must know their stuff because they publish helpful, problem-solving content through guest posts
  • this blogger seems to be all over the place with all the guest posts they publish; being omni-present boosts their credibility even more, in your eyes

Should You Share Your Link in 20 Spots or Just Guest Post? 2

Conversely, it requires zero skill to copy and paste a link to a Facebook Group. Right? Nobody sees a link on a Facebook Group and instantly becomes as impressed as if the individual posted a quality guest post on an authority blog. No one makes the same kind of seismic impact because there is no exclusivity to posting on any public Facebook Group. Not so for guest posting. Guest posting feels fun, freeing and fulfilling, too. Did I cover enough “f” words for ya LOL šŸ™‚ I enjoy the emotional aspect of writing helpful content to inspire you to live your dreams and to goad you to solve your problems through guest posting. Why not feel better and achieve greater worldly success, right?

Guest posting allows you to reach far more readers than posting a link to a Facebook Group. Even highly engaged groups tend to pale in comparison to guest posting on highly targeted blogs boasting huge, loyal communities. I guest post on Positively Positive once monthly with its massive community. Of course I reach a higher number of folks guest posting on PP versus posting a Blogging From Paradise link to any Facebook Group. Engagement is key, as is the size and scope and targeted nature of a blogging community. If you have ample time and energy, post links to targeted groups and guest post. But given the choice between the two, go with guest posting all the way.


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