Should You Open or Close Blog Comments?

I know you’re wondering: should you open or close blog comments?

I waffled back and forth for a few years.

For the first 8 years of my blogging career I kept comments open. Eventually, I tired of comments and shut down this option of my blog for about a year.

A few months ago I opened up blog comments again.


I will share my thoughts on my comments journey.

First off, do what feels fun, good and enjoyable to you. Fun works. Stress, straining and striving does not work.

I have seen high profile bloggers quit blogging all together in part because reading and responding to comments became too much of a burden. I have also seen 7 figure bloggers like John Chow earn millions of dollars with a few spam comments kicking around in his queue.

Some bloggers made a pretty penny because of the blogging community they built through their comments.

If you have fun reading and responding to blog comments, keep comments open.

If you do not have fun reading and responding to blog comments, close comments and do what feels fun with your blogging campaign.

Let’s take a look at blog commenting pros and cons.

Keep Blog Comments Open

Blog comments:

  • allow readers to be heard
  • supply you with blog post ideas; readers share their struggles via comments
  • give links to bloggers; NoFollow, but exposure and traffic flow to generous blog commentors
  • add content to your blog posts; Google loves meaty blog posts
  • begin meaningful conversation and debate on your blog
  • give power to readers who share their thoughts on a public forum
  • lead to mutually beneficial partnerships
  • drive clients to you
  • drive customers to you
  • helps you start a blog effectively by building your community from day 1

More than a few commentors on my blog purchased my eBooks or hired me.

Keeping comments open can deepen bonds between you and your readers.

Should You Open or Close Blog Comments? 1

I opened comments because doing so felt fun again. Seeing a steady increase in engagement, social shares and blog traffic felt great so I decided to keep my comments open for at least 3-6 months, and likely, much longer.

I also visit my blog commentors via their blog link, maximizing my blogger buddy network. Sweet benefit of keeping comments open.

Now let’s look at the benefits of closing comments.

Close Blog Commenting

Blog comments:

  • attract greedy, desperate, selfish bloggers who spam your blog with generic one-line comments or 45 paragraph comments in various languages
  • sap your time and energy; reading and responding to comments takes effort
  • require a heavy amount of moderation as your blog traffic and comment flow increase; even with a spam prevention plugin you need to scan trash and spam folders to fish out legitimate comments and to permanently trash spam comments
  • pull you away from writing and publishing posts, writing and submitting guest posts, doing live broadcasts and publishing podcasts

Did you notice my flurry of live and recorded videos over the year prior to the past 2 months? When I closed my blog comments, I saved 30 minutes to 2 hours daily of time and devoted that time to doing videos, writing posts and guest posts and commenting on other blogs.

I also had more time to engage people on social media.

I loved receiving long, thorough, genuine blog comments but had no time to read them and respond properly. Closing comments helped me release on any guilt I experienced in approving long comments after a scan and responding with 1 line.

Closing blog comments was very good to me. I needed that break to feel good, to have fun, to enjoy blogging again and to be excited about opening blog comments.

At the time of this edit, my blog comments have been closed for months. All going well. I do enjoy engaging through other blogs but it feels good to let go the energetic anchor that comments caused on my blog for quite a long time. Lesson learned. We will keep comments closed going forward.

The Verdict

Never do anything just because successful bloggers tell you to do it. If I enjoy reading and responding to comments and going spam folder and trash folder fishing every few hours you may not have fun doing this stuff.

Follow your fun. Do what feels good to you.

Whether you keep comments open or closed you can become a successful blogger.

Find what feels good to you and follow that path.


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6 thoughts on “Should You Open or Close Blog Comments?”

  1. thanks again Ryan, luckily i’m new to this so don’t have any people commenting yet. but i will be sure to take this advice when i do. when something becomes a chore you need space to be able to enjoy it again. I for one am certainly grateful that you recharged your batteries and opened up commenting again.

  2. Hi, Ryan,
    What a great joy to be back again!
    Good to see your comment boxes are wide open again for your readers!!
    I just finished reading the merits and demerits of keeping the comments gates open!
    I am sure keeping it open is always good for a blogger who likes to receive Comments. As far as I’m concerned the Power of Blog Comments are unexplained as it’s many and numberless!
    I have written a post on this subject.
    I am glad to share it here for the readers.
    I will also mention this post in the
    updated version shortly.
    Have a great time of sharing and caring Ryan.
    Be safe.
    All the best.
    ~ Phil

  3. Hi Ryan,

    Open again 🙂 And there was me just about to close mine as I’m fed up of receiving spam comments – haha.

    I must admit, I quite enjoy commenting on other people’s blogs, but get so fed up of the rubbish that people think I’m going to approve.

    But whatever I finally decide, I think you’ve answered the question / concern I had… would my comments still be there if i reopened them. It looks as if they stay:-)

    Glad to see you’ve opened comments again.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark


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