Should You Keep Blogging?

Has this question entered your mind? Should you keep blogging?

Ask the question. Wait around for an honest answer. Nobody on earth can tell you whether or not you should keep blogging because we have no clue as to your drivers, motives and intents to keep blogging. You know the answer. Nobody else has the answer but you. Look at it this way; imagine if you blogged solely for money or popularity. Should you keep blogging? Of course not. Money and fame seem fleeting but more than that, since money and fame never arrives until you practice blogging the right way for thousands of hours, you are toast. You are done. The money and fame does not arrive while spending thousands of blogging hours, hard at work, so since you lose motivation during those thousands of hours, you quit. Makes sense. Of course you know it is quitting time if you make the big mistake of chasing money or fame through blogging. But only YOU know this, if you are honest with yourself.

Imagine if you blog mainly for fun and freedom. Even if you struggle terribly and feel frustrated, or, like quitting, you know deep down how all successful bloggers had to get through these types of trying times, to see how passionate you genuinely feel about blogging. Carry on. Keep blogging. But also know how only you, by going within, figures out your true intent. Nobody can BS themselves and get the proper answer for you because the truth sets you free, while lying to yourself keeps you bound.

Be straight with yourself. Be honest with yourself. Nobody figures out the next blogging step – to keep blogging or to quit blogging – by lying to themselves about why they blog. I know bloggers who desire to quit on the regular. These folks assure me how fun and freedom drives them but obviously, anybody who wants to quit regularly lies to themselves about their TRUE driver. DUH! Of course money and/or fame drives you because why in the heck would you want to quit so frequently? Come on, guys! Why would you want to quit every few months if you have genuine fun blogging and could care less about money outcomes? Of course you want to quit regularly because you see a lack of money through your blogging efforts, and seeing that lack of money proves that money largely drives you to blog. Meanwhile, 7 figure bloggers sometimes blog 2-3 times daily over a full year before seeing $600 in blogging profits.

Should You Keep Blogging? 2

Almost every time, 99.99% of bloggers quit after blogging for hours daily, only to see 600 bucks in profits at the end of a year. That 0.01% who sees the journey through obviously does not care much about money, blogs mainly for fun-passion, and almost always becomes a millionaire through this fabulously fun, freeing medium. The blogging cream rises to the top and only honest people who see themselves in the light of truth rise to the top and largely enjoy the blogging journey as they reach higher circles in their blogging niche.

You have the answer to your blogging question because you know your genuine driver. Never ask somebody else to answer the question about you continuing with blogging. We have no idea how you feel. I cannot be in your head. I also do not know your honest, genuine thoughts and feelings about blogging and why you blog.


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