Should You Invest Profits Immediately into Your Blog?


Although investing in your blog makes sense, give yourself a breather and save profits, and maybe, spend a bit too to enjoy your spoils. If you blog right, you already bought your domain, hosting and premium theme. All good stuff covered. Of course, you invested in your blogging education too, with my blogging profits eBook and perhaps other helpful materials. But never be in a rush to invest profits quickly into your blog because your first course at that point is generously serving folks to keep BEING the blogger who netted the profits in the first place.

Gaining money to invest is no pressing issue for newbie bloggers. Generously creating and connecting while opening multiple streams of income serve as prime issues I see experienced by new bloggers. Keep creating and connecting. Keep opening multiple streams of income. Profits increase, slowly and steadily, but focus on creating and connecting to net more blogging profits versus believing financially investing profits into blogging growth leads to greater success. Because….it does not.

Blogging investments finances-wise are quite minimal. Domain, hosting, premium theme, course and/or eBooks does the trick quite nicely. Until you step it up in terms of traffic you will not need to scale massively via a VPS or by purchasing high end email campaigns to handle your massive, ever-expanding list. Slow down, young grasshopper. You do not need that Mark Z investment money in a while because your server handles your burgeoning blog traffic just fine, thank you. The challenge is to be super grateful for your profits because newbies tend to think scarcity, versus abundance. Count your earnings and feel really good about money liking you. Bask in the feeling for a little bit. Proceed to create and connect generously.

Should You Invest Profits Immediately into Your Blog? 2

Never believe that you need to spend big bucks fast – or even, big bucks – to succeed with your blog. Never short change yourself by plowing profits immediately into your blog. Boost your savings. Increase your spending a little bit, too. Show discipline but be willing to enjoy the money made through blogging because earning cash should feel like a fun, freeing experience, not some steady toil just to raise investment capital.

I keep my blogging profits and simply invest in a VPS, a few educational materials and over the years, I invested in a few other things related to my blogging business. Money does not make money. Generous service, abundance, clarity, trust and detachment position you to make money. Feel free to invest a few bucks here and there if you wish to skim your profits for an eBook or perhaps for a good blogging course. But keep those profits secure by increasing your savings and treat yourself here and there to do the abundant, profitable thing.

Pump the brakes just a little bit. Service, not money, is at the core of all successful, profitable blogging campaigns. Never believe you need to throw money at your blog and that the money need be mined from your profits. Enjoy your roll, OK? Relax on investing but put huge, generous amounts of effort into abundant service. Servants always prosper and become the most successful bloggers in their niche. Everybody else vanishes; even those who invested big amounts of blogging profits back into their blog, swiftly, on earning their coin, if they are not generous servants.

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