Selfishness Won’t Get You Far in Blogging or Life

I type these words from the bus in NYC. Heading to New Jersey as we speak.

Focusing on yourself never gets you far at all. Because all blogging success flows to and through other human beings.

As I asked the driver to stow away my luggage, 5 folks cut me on line. No big deal. I was second on line. I don’t sweat it, But this reflects a common problem in society. Those 5 people who cut in front of me lacked the mindfulness, decency and generosity to wait 5 seconds for me to stow away my bag. If you cannot give 5 seconds to thinking about other human beings, how in the goodness do you expect to become a pro blogger like myself?

Guys; this gig requires thousands of hours of generous service where you are thinking solely about other folks, NOT giving even one thought to your needs. Not one day. Not 100 days. Thousands of hours and thousands of days devoted to service – not self-service – goes into this gig. Selfishness does not get you far in life. Little kids prove amusing, when acting selfish. But this is a crappy color on adults who act just as immature and self-centered, as a tiny, wee lad or lass,

Be Generous

Help bloggers freely. Get lost in other folks. Of course I devote 1-2 lines of every guest post to promoting one of my eBooks, but I devote the remaining 600 plus words to creating helpful content for my fellow bloggers. I give Nazim free, passive traffic every time I publish a guest post on his rocking blog. Service! Not self-service. Why did I go so far, blogging-wise? I think about how I can help people daily then get busy being generous.

As for the folks who cut me – who could not wait 5 seconds for me to put my luggage in the stowaway – they are so self-centered and fearful of losing a spot on the bus, that they do the wrong thing. Ditto for most bloggers. Most are so freaking afraid of losing traffic and profits that they think only about themselves, and never about other bloggers, and how they can serve them. Guess what? Either you’re connected and successful or a blogging stranger, on the outside looking in, struggling, failing and quitting. Bloggers who get ahead do so by generously serving other bloggers, doing the right thing. Everybody else flames out like a barbeque, roasting their blogging careers through the habit of being self-centered, and stingy, rarely thinking about fellow bloggers and their readers.

Some folks ask me to write a text-based interview for them. I generously take some people up on the offer. But since I have only 5 minutes for each interview, my answers will be short and sweet. Of course, most bloggers gratefully appreciate that I gave them 5 minutes of my time. Especially considering I turn down hundreds of interview requests. But a few less grateful bloggers – thinking only about themselves – ask me to set aside MORE time to answer the questions, complaining about my short, brief answers.

Are you serious? I am not some new blogger, dawdling around for hours daily. I am an established, full time blogger with 54,000 backlinks pointing to Blogging From Paradise, working 8-10 hours or more daily, for FIVE YEARS IN A ROW. I never take myself seriously, but I am seriously into blogging.

Get your head out of your rump, and get out of your head. Think about other bloggers. Be grateful for any help or insight you receive from established, pro bloggers. Even if its just 2 words. Serve – instead of self-serving – to get ahead in blogging…..and life.


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One Small Favor

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4 thoughts on “Selfishness Won’t Get You Far in Blogging or Life”

  1. Awesome content Ryan.
    Came across this Post through your timeline.

    I am a strong believer of providing value and connecting with other bloggers thanks to you.

    And also, I do not know how you manage to write all these guest posts and build your branding.

    Love all your posts and I have become more accustomed to your writing style.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    Nazim thanks for featuring Ryan on your blog.

    You have just won another fan Nazim.




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