Release Your Blogging Past

I cannot explain clearly enough how clinging to the blogging past absolutely destroyed my blogging career for a while. For many years, I pictured an image of past struggle and failure, and revisited this idea until the blogging past completely polluted the present.

I had a horrible time growing and going through obstacles because I held on to my blogging past, mainly, clinging to my blogging failures. I would observe my email inbox. If nothing appeared to be growing business-wise, I immediately revisited the blogging past in my mind. I replayed how I received little blogging email in the past. What did few emails lead to? Virtually zero blogging business. Of course, seeing what appeared to be few emails has zero correlation to your blogging business. Money flows to bloggers clear on blogging who provide immense value and build large, loyal friend networks. But I developed a correlation between few emails and no business and sure enough, I allowed my blogging past to invade my present. Not good. Imagine the move Groundhog Day. Same crap, different day. All because I allowed my past to invade my present.


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Lesson learned; although I had to sit with ideas of a blogging past that I needed to release, in order to proceed. The email one was a huge factor for me because I revisited the blogging past again and again, making suppositions about what receiving few emails meant to my blogging business. Ultimately nothing, because readers simply care if you share value. Connected, skilled bloggers generously help people reach the tops of their niche but only by releasing the blogging past. You know what I mean; stop replaying past images of failure, embarrassment and shame in your mind. Stop basing your current prospects on alleged failures on the past.

Did you encounter bad clients in the past? Release these folks because no blogger moves forward by holding on to poor client matches from the past. Guaranteed, holding to bad clients screws up your energy so you begin attracting more bad clients, based on your point of attraction. Where your attention and energy goes, grows, and if you give attention and energy to the past, you shall keep re-living the past versus loving the present. I had to stop judging a lower volume of email as being bad and leading to poor blogging business before I accepted that receiving few emails but steady, passive income, was all I wanted anyway. I could care less about getting 50 emails daily because I want passive income, not active scanning of my emails for 30 minutes daily.

I care little about email numbers now because I intend to go 100% to passive income down the road. No sense wasting time tying to get as many emails as possible. Do I want to open up as many emails as possible? I do not think so. I had to let go the past and any struggles and failure I experienced to become more successful in the present

Stop blogging in the past.

Be in the present.


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