Pro Blogging Tip: Will People Buy Your eBook or Product?

If you believe in your eBook or product and feel clear on it, yes.

If you do not believe in your eBook or product and do not feel clear on it, nope.

100% depends on your clarity and belief in your offering.  People just mirror back your clarity and belief back to you, via sales numbers. Simple process, totally non personal, dispassionate, basic way to assess if you believe in your product or service. Most bloggers muck up this process because the masses do tireless market research, polling readers, observing niche trends, being obsessed with reader feedback. I could care less. I spot a problem my readers share via a comment or email or social chat and create premium offerings based on the problem. Sure I listen to readers who complain about problems but why in the heck would I need to revert to these folks for ensuring said problem is, in fact, a problem someone wants solved with an eBook? I see this as a complete waste of time.

Digging deeper, my clarity and belief in self is all I need to actually sell my stuff. I feel clearer and clearer on my 100 plus eBooks so I sell more and more eBooks. I just read a tweet from someone who was going to buy my eBooks then realized she already bought a bunch; more sales on the way, methinks. Why? I believe in myself and I believe in my eBooks. Will people buy what I have to offer? Heck yeah; my belief makes it so. Erase all doubt from your mind and people reflect your lack of doubt and pure faith in self back to you. The process is simple but yes, quite uncomfortable at times, because feeling fears and doubts and clearing these emotions feels quite unpleasant.

Pro Blogging Tip: Will People Buy Your eBook or Product? 2

Most people prefer to do tons of market research and get lost in other people versus setting aside time for serious introspection, leading to self-analysis and feeling some rough-feeling fears ya gotta clear in order to be more successful with your venture. This ain’t always a picnic guys but the increased sales are well worth the time and energy you put into facing, feeling and releasing self-doubts on your way to increased blogging success.

Be Careful

You need to feel fully clear on your eBook or product to influence people to buy the eBook. Do not lie to yourself, and do not create something you know, deep down, folks will not buy in droves, because this is a form of doubt, fear and self-sabotage. For example, I came across a blogger who wrote an eBook about cycling on a specific island. Of course, this eBook is too niched down because not enough cyclists exist on planet earth who clearly want to cycle on the island. Then, how many of these folks find her blog and buy her eBook? Even if the blogger claimed to be clear on the eBook and believe in it, this sneaky self-sabotage displays fear, a lack of clarity and no doubt, few if any folks bought her offering.

The blogger also made it super difficult to buy the eBook, with a silly, back and forth, time and energy consuming process to purchase the read. More evidence of little belief and clarity in the eBook, indicating she did not believe folks would buy it, anyway.


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