Pro Blogging Tip: Should You Consider Auto Blogging?

No. You should not consider auto blogging.  Why? Auto blogging requires virtually zero skill, creativity and effort, which means anyone can do it easily, which means the skill is pretty much useless, and not at all in demand. If anyone can do something with little or no effort, how does the skill benefit folks? Not much. Auto blogging is pretty much snagging a series of RSS feeds from different sites and accumulating the blog posts through a blog, aka, an auto blog. I see auto blogging as being spammy because anybody can just follow the blogs individually or add the blog feeds to their Feedly account for easy, simple as pie, reading.

Do I need a human being to do something so simple and easy that an app – Feedly – can do it? Nope. I hate to be down on auto blogging because I know some bloggers mean well with this approach but usually, lazy bloggers who want easy, quick traffic and riches try to go this route. I know of few or any pro bloggers who auto blog. I know of NO top pro bloggers or established veterans who auto blog because shoot; everybody will just follow the bloggers actually writing and publishing the content on auto blogs, because these folks command the credibility. People who create and innovate become leaders in their blogging niche of choice. People who just share their content via an RSS feed are afterthoughts because what level of skill, effort and commitment does it take to plug an RSS feed code into a blog? Not much, at all.

Pro Blogging Tip: Should You Consider Auto Blogging? 2

As a rule of blogging thumb; if virtually anybody could do it quickly and easily, in a small amount of time, you will not gain the credibility and trust necessary to build a full time, pro income through blogging. Auto blogging definitely falls into that territory because it is just too easy, too effortless, to add anything of value to any blogging niche. Do yourself a favor; buy yourself a domain and hosting – and my colorful blogging eBook – to do blogging right. Start your own self-hosted WordPress blog. Begin creating helpful content and building strong bonds with top bloggers in your niche. This is how you gain credibility. This is how you began to slowly but steadily earn trust. Over time, with patience and persistence, you will distance yourself from the blogging herd if you put in the energy, effort and service required to be a trusted commodity in your blogging niche.

No way can you become a known commodity and earn reader’s trust by adding a bunch of RSS feed back to a site and gussying it up a little bit. Anybody can do that so you impress few if any folks going the auto blogging route. Choose instead to create something of immense value. Position yourself to succeed by developing a real, genuine skill that benefits human beings. If you are willing to give freely you will receive easily over time. Everything is on you, my Young Blogging Padawans. Are you ready to go pro? Be a pro now to prepare for your future success. Pay your dues and you will eventually enter the professional blogger club.

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