Pro Blogging Tip: Hold Your Values But Be Flexible

I am a busy bee today. I am a busy bee most days but today I spent a good 5 hours offline, hiking with my wife and enjoying lunch. I value fun and freedom. So I build my day around each value. But I need to be flexible in my approach to maintaining this fun and freedom because working 5 less hours today nudges me to do things differently online. I write guest posts over an extended period and network much less today to honor my fun, freeing intent but to remain flexible to my blogging approach.

Practical blogging tips may change over time or even from day to day because being flexible with tips or work or techniques or strategies allows you to glide seamlessly forward. Failing bloggers rigidly attach to certain tactics. What happens on days when you physically find it impossible to follow such tactics? Panic ensues. Struggles ensue. Agitation, anger and annoyance ensue. Every second you spend agitated, annoyed and panicked simply eats into your chances of succeeding. You mucked up because even though you like wanted to remain true to what you value – the freedom of working online – you lacked the flexibility in acting to help make that dream a reality.

Pro Blogging Tip: Hold Your Values But Be Flexible 2

Why do you think I devoted a huge portion of my blogging course to mindset, or energy, work? Blogging is an inside-out gig. Bloggers need value freedom and proceed with that freeing intent but need to also remain flexible, open and willing to change paths, strategies or techniques, to honor the flux of change and to grow into the person you intend to become. I spent a great deal of time writing 7000 word posts years ago, once weekly. But the person I grew into disliked doing this, choosing instead to write valuable, shorter posts, frequently. I always valued fun and freedom but was flexible enough to where I scrapped the 7K post weekly approach to write and publish multiple posts daily. I let go the long form posts because I did not get attached to these posts and began writing and publishing shorter posts frequently. This is the power of flexibility and openness in action as far as following specific strategies but I only behaved in such fashion because I carry a fun, freeing intent.

Stop Being Rigid

No rigid blogger gets far at all as an aspiring pro blogger. Rigid bloggers break like matchsticks because if you do not practice flexibility, every thing goes to custard due to your rigid nature, tightness and stiffness. Stop blogging on a non-negotiable, brutally rigid, fixed blogging schedule. Let go into the flow to find a schedule working for you day after day. Even though following blogging habits helps you develop some consistency you should never get tied to any blogging strategy so that your attachments blind you from an energy of fear, loss and scarcity.

Do things differently if needed. Change with the times. I am old skool in many regards but blogging and business expand for flexible bloggers who role with change. Hold that freeing, fulfilling intent to be nimble and open to blogging change.


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