Pro Blogging Tip: Focus on Impacts Not Impressions

I obsessed over commenting on 100 plus blogs daily many years ago.

I also wanted to do a bunch of blogging things daily based on hitting a specific number count before day’s end. Not good. Why? Focusing on manifesting a specific number of impressions makes for a mindless, hurried, frenzied blogging journey mired in fear, scarcity, struggle, poverty and failure. I figured making 1000 impressions in various spots daily helped me be everywhere. Being everywhere would help me make money blogging. That was the theory, anyway.

I eventually learned how making generous impacts every day over years leads to lasting, relaxing, fulfilling blogging success. Each impact feels good to make because you mindfully know that you’re generously helping people. Generously helping people increases your:

  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility

Skilled bloggers with massive exposure gain credibility. Credible bloggers drive traffic and make money.

I finally understood and embraced the idea that mindfully and generously making 1, 2 or 5 impacts daily through:

  • valuable blog posts
  • valuable guest posts
  • valuable videos

sets the foundation for a profitable blogging career. But making impacts in such fashion spans years – not days – of your life.

Right now, I know newbie, struggling, desperate, greedy bloggers out there set one goal at the beginning of their blogging day:

  • comment on 1000 blogs
  • email pitch 100 influential bloggers
  • publish 20 posts daily

Each of these strategies is borne of a frenzied, terrified mind. Terrified thinking and feeling leads to struggle and nightmarish results terrifying to you, too. Been there, done that. But I changed my mindset to experience more peaceful, freeing blogging success.

I know you can do the same. But deciding to shift from fear-fully trying to make 1000 impressions today to mindfully, peacefully and generously making 1, 2 or 5 impacts today, then tomorrow, then for the next 5 years, feels freeing yet uncomfortable. You need to decide to do this and be with scary emotions arising. No worries; I know you’re up to it.

I suggest slowly down and calming down. Relax. Slowly, steadily build a vision for your dream life through blogging. See yourself living your dreams. Have fun with your mental picture to make it come alive. Then mindfully, generously create 1 or more pieces of content daily with the sole intent to help people impactfully.

Adopt a long term vision for your blogging business. Versus trying to make 1000 impressions today, make 1-5 impacts for the next 1000 days. Does that make sense? Every impact you make echos far and wide. Echoing far and wide for the next 1000 days allows your sphere of influence to expand to epic levels over 3, 4, 5 then 10 years.

Think Slow Marathon Not Wild Sprint

See blogging as a slow, controlled marathon run over thousands of hours, spanning years of your life. Instead of thinking about trying to do 1000 things today, take a deep breath, relax, and do 1 thing mindfully today, doing it the right way. Today, set a time frame of not 1 day, but 5 years. That’s just the way it works. Blogging is not a wild daily sprint but a long term, slow, relaxing marathon.

The slow marathon approach yields lasting, ever-increasing blogging success because you keep building traffic and profits over the long haul. Think extension over projection. See yourself extending deeper into the Universe every single day until the extension becomes quite epic over years. Peep the featured image; that’s me in Yangon, Myanmar. Circling the globe through blogging was a marathon, not a sprint, for me.

Even though I get the most out of each day, I detach quite a bit from outcomes to maintain a long term approach to blogging. No one succeed overnight, but bloggers do succeed over years. Plus this long term approach feels good, relaxing and freeing, even if you face fears and feel a bit uncomfortable from time to time. All part and parcel with paying your online tuition.


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