Pro Blogging Tip: Do You Share the Wealth?

I acquired a wealth of knowledge over my decade of blogging.

I share that wealth through my 100 plus eBooks, 2 courses, audio books and paperbacks along with sharing through my blog, guest posts, live broadcasts and through recorded videos too. Toss in podcasts and I share my blogging experience, insights and know-how through oodles of different platforms online. Success finds me because I do not hold back. Holding back from a stingy, resistant, poverty conscious energy is a chief cause of blogging failure because you lack skills and exposure if you do not share your experience freely, through a wide variety of blogging platforms.

Think of it this way; imagine if I just wrote one, 600 word blog post today and published that sucker. I have 10 or more blog posts in me because I have that much knowledge and experience to share with readers. So I divide up the 10 count – or more – between blog posts and guest posts, and get to sharing my knowledge freely because I always share the wealth. What is the chief benefit of sharing the wealth? Receiving wealth. Receiving money. Receiving more opportunities to help more people. All of my success is because I shared the wealth generously, helping a high number of people for free across a wide range of platforms. Do this, and you are golden. You cannot fail. You cannot lose. But you can and will lose if you only share content one dribble at a time, because if you hold back, it shall be held back from you.

Pro Blogging Tip: Do You Share the Wealth? 2

Ancient wisdom dictates that life proceeds according to your inner world. Billionaires speak of visualizing, being generous, working for free and humbly listening to customers, clients and anybody interested in their products and services. Visualizing, being generous, working for free and listening to people are inner decisions, inner choices, a blanket state of mind few entrepreneurs on earth cultivate. Do you know how most bloggers panic and quit if they do not make a cent after blogging generously for 6 months? This indicates the these blogger vibe poverty, scarcity, fear and pain, from within. Meanwhile, Mark Z worked for me on Facebook for quite a long time; he did not fail, panic and bail because he had a vision of something grand, and vibed from abundance, on an inner level.

Top bloggers vibe wealth, abundance and generosity, naturally sharing their mental riches, their experiences, their knowledge, through a wide range of online platforms. Does it seem like a mystery why these folks become so successful? Being all over year niche by being generous and building up your skill set just helps you reach the top of your niche. Share your wealth. Never get stingy. Never hold back. Blogging will continue to get easier if you keep sharing what you know through a high volume of platforms, including, your blog, other blogs through guest post, through live broadcasts and through podcasting too.

Keep thinking of ways through which you can help people, then get down to it, and do it. Help folks. Be generous. Share the wealth. You will become a highly successful blogger, guaranteed.


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