Pro Blogging Tip: Do What Vibes with You

I find it easy and fun to promote eBooks for retiring to a life of travel and to guest post for rocking fellow bloggers. Both activities vibe with me. Both work for me. I spend my day doing what is fun, freeing, and, what works.

Imagine if I tried to integrate InfoGraphics into my blog?

I would struggle for hours, or even days. Why? My left brain cannot compute imagery and art work creativity. I can write my rear end off. I can speak into a camera for hours. But drawing, writing and designing?

Nope. No way. I do what vibes with me and leave all else behind.

Some top bloggers may advise that you need to do specific, practical things to succeed. Of course, trust their advice regarding specific fundamentals. Create content. Build bonds.

We know both reign supreme in terms of blogging importance. But never blindly follow specific, practical tips from top bloggers because you need to know if their advice resonates with you, your talents, your joy, your passion and your fun.

Perhaps you love writing more than anything. Awesome. How does it feel when a top blogger advises that you need to broadcast live to build a successful business? Probably, this does not feel too good because video would feel like work, being heavy, to you.

Bloggers often begin blogging to leave their work-job behind. Why would you dive right back into work if you began blogging to leave your hard work consciousness and lifestyle behind? This makes little sense.

Pro Blogging Tip: Do What Vibes with You 2

But if you genuinely owned the fact that some actions vibe with you, and some, do not, you can pick and choose to follow your fun to increased blogging success.

I have no desire to design anything because I have no genuine love for design elements of blogging. I let go design because design does not vibe with me. I do love writing and broadcasting live videos; I do each, to honor my fun, to follow my passion and to do what vibes with me, because this is where your greatest success waits for you.

Follow Your Fun and Release All Else

Follow your fun. Do what feels easy and enjoyable to you. Then, when you are doing easy, fun things, uncomfortable feelings arise sometimes. This is fear. This is part of the journey. Carry on through fear. Feel it. Be intimate with these energies.

Eventually, the fear-feelings pass quite quickly and you are free to proceed with your blogging day but you need to honor the fear, and be with it, to keep following your fun.

More importantly, never ever stop doing what is fun and easy, to do something heavy and plodding, just because a pro blogger tells you to do it. Follow your joy before all else. Do what vibes with you before all else.

Eventually, you will experience how following the fun, resonant and sometimes scary path yields the greatest blogging success over the long haul, guaranteed.

The Difference

Not the difference between principles and specific practical strategies. You better follow the pro blogger advice of creating helpful content and building strong bonds because these principles are the fundamentals of successful blogging.

But ease up on following specific, practical blogging strategies, because a blogger advises you to do so. Trust your gut before all else in these matters.

One Small Favor

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