Popularity Does Not Equal Blogging Success

I wrote for a blog boasting 2 million Facebook Fans.

80,000 subscribers filled their email list. How much actual blogging success did I gain through the contributor gig? Not much. First off, the blog was well out of my niche. But more than that, I learned once again how popularity does not equal blogging success. 2 million Facebook Fans does not mean 2 million rabidly loyal, voracious human beings who buy your stuff and hire you. Out of those 2 million fans on Facebook, 20 may Like a post. 2 may comment on a post. None buy your stuff or hire you.

At day’s end, unless someone genuinely loves your blogging work, the someone serves as a number on a screen. How much success do you experience by accumulating big numbers on a screen? Not too much. Who even cares if a high number of human beings know who you are? Tens of millions of human beings know who the Kardashians are? But what tangible, valuable, beneficial, real world skills do the Kardashians bring to the table? Do their skills empower humanity, uplift humankind or provide some bright beacon for civilization? Nope.

I applaud the family for becoming famous but as for real world, tangible success, I believe the fam itself would admit it has some work to do. I did see how Kim considered getting a law degree a while back. Good for her. But drilling deeper, the popularity point wakes you up: nobody buys your products or hires you or endorses you based solely on your popularity.

People do not trust you only because a large number of people know who you are. People know, like and trust you based on the valued, in-demand skills you bring to the table. Bloggers only develop these skills through thousands of blogging hours of genuine, dyed in the wool, work. People become skilled by practicing, practicing then practicing some more. Success finds bloggers 100% committed to mastering their craft. Everybody else vanishes, disappears and fades into the ethers.

No one hires you because you have 100,000 followers. People hire you based on your ability to help people. Developing the skills to help human beings requires thousands of blogging work hours. How can I write and publish a post like this in 15-20 minutes? I help people quickly NOW because I spent 10,000 plus hours blogging. Allow that number to dance around in your mind for just a bit. I am skilled now AFTER spending 10 years blogging.

10 years is a long time. 10,000 hours is a long time. Especially if you do one, specific thing during that 10,000 hour stretch. Build business by building your skills. Never foolishly rely on being popular to succeed online. Never try to become popular as a means of becoming a professional blogger. People will see right through you and your attempt at manipulating people through your faux popularity.

I could care less if many people know who I am. I do not need that. I simply having fun helping people freely. From there, my investment in the blogging process takes care of itself. The process takes care of bloggers who care for blogging and people throughout the blogging process.

Everything comes together nicely if you seek not fame, but seek to generously serve readers freely. I just want to have fun helping people through blogging. Everything else like traffic, money or success serves as icing on the cake, or a cherry on top. Everything comes together if you invest fully in helping people versus trying to be well-known by a large group of human beings.


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