Now Is the Time Bloggers

Whatever you have been putting off, now is the time to move into action, bloggers.

I know you feel scared. I know you fear wasting your time. Do you feel uncomfortable? Yep. But now is the time to seize the moment and to move forward with clarity, focus and a sense of purpose. Do what must be done with your blog. You know what I am talking about; everybody secretly knows what must be done because certain ideas have been knocking on your mind-door for a long time.

I felt an urge to only guest post on blogs highly aligned with my niche a while back. Back then, was the time, for publishing guest posts only on aligned blogs. Plus I took it a bit deeper. I decided to do the quick-traffic thing and guest post mainly on blogs through which I have admin rights. Nazim gave me posting rights here on Make Blogging. After 25 minutes I write, proofread and publish a blog post on Make Blogging for a quick traffic boost and even quicker way to serve you awesome readers. Now, a while back, was the time to do it. So I did it. I do not waffle, or waste time, or cripple myself with indecision. Instead, I just do what needs be done in the moment because either you are quick, or dead. Either you make decisions fast or you delay and decisions dissolve and you delay your success and prolong struggles and failure because blogging success hinges on YOUR decisions. You gotta make ’em to succeed.

In my eBook:

10 Disastrous Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Make and How to Fix Them

I dissect a major league boo boo in chapter 3. No clarity.

Buy that eBook to own and correct any errors you may be making.

Bloggers tend to lack clarity, meaning fear invades and dominates their minds. Avoiding decisions you need to make now regarding your blogging present and future indicates fear courses through your being. Indecisive bloggers rack themselves with fear, worry, anxiety and any destructive emotion hampering their decision-making ability. Get clear! Get serious about blogging. I write this post on Friday at 7:30 PM while folks stroll the block here in NYC because I clearly love my fun and freedom and globe-trotting lifestyle more than I enjoy a night out on the town. I do spend nights out on the town too, but intuitively, I know tonight is for blogging to keep my freeing lifestyle chugging along.

Now Is the Time Bloggers 2

Most bloggers lack clarity though, so most bloggers waffle back and forth in a frenzied, anxious, weak-willed way for 10 or 20 minutes, pondering a night out on the town versus blogging into the late night. Get real; if you are not a highly successful, pro blogger, you can likely use another 5-7 hours of generous service on a Friday night. At least, if you are serious about blogging. There. I made your decision for you. Get clear. Get to work. Get going. Build the foundation for a successful blogging career.

Genuinely, now is the time to make a firm, definite decision to accelerate your blogging success.

What do you need to do now to be freer as a blogger?

Maybe you need to write your first eBook. Perhaps you need to begin networking. Whatever it is, do it. Move forward. Grow.


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