New Bloggers Give Yourself a Break!

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Does this feat sound impossible to most of you? Yes, of course!

New bloggers need to first write and publish a 600-word blog post. After that, slowly and steadily boost your word count.

Writing and self-publishing an entire ebook likely feels daunting for most of you. Writing and self-publishing 100 ebooks sounds outright impossible for most of you.

Of course, it does! Humans first crawl. Then stand up and walk. Then you run. Then you sprint. Expect a similar, natural progression as a newbie blogger.

But silly new bloggers often expect to make a Quantum Leap. Impossible. First, you practice until you’re skilled enough to write and publish a 600-word post. This takes time and generous effort.

Practice. You are well on your way but you still need to be patient, persistent and generous.

On the flip side, some bloggers give up completely as newbies because stunning success seemed so far off. Develop a vision. Stop basing your potential on your non-existent results.

See your dream life in detail. Allow your vision to give you hope. Allow your vision to give you guidance. My vision nudges me in the right direction. Anytime I struggled as a new blogger, I allowed circumstances to dominate my vision. My bad.

New Bloggers Give Yourself a Break! 2

Give yourself a break, new bloggers. Do not expect massive results overnight and don’t beat yourself up for not having serious blogging skills after 7 days of blogging practice.

Sounds ridiculous, right? Bloggers have ridiculous expectations.

Of course, you can’t write and self-published a hundred ebooks in nine months. You can’t even write a blog post yet. Take it easy on yourself. Becoming a successful blogger requires thousands of hours of effort.

You probably put in a few hours. You are a blogging baby. Accept it. But know that putting in the time gives you the skills to do stunningly successful things. Like writing and self-publishing 100 ebooks and 9 months.

20,000 Hours of Blogging

Do you know how I was able to write and self-publish 100 ebooks in nine months? I practiced blogging for twenty thousand hours. Ponder that number.

Most bloggers feel proud after practicing blogging for 100 hours. I practiced blogging for twenty thousand hours. Plus I practiced in public by publishing content and building meaningful connections with top bloggers.

Do that, put in that generous time and you will be able to write and self-publish 100 ebooks in nine months too.

Does that 20000-hour number scare you?

Good. It should. I feared putting in even a couple hundred hours as a newbie blogger but I was delusional. I eventually learned that blogging gives you what you give blogging.

If you put in the time and enjoy the ride, blogging your passion,  you will succeed and do fabulous things. If you don’t put in the time, you will fail. It’s always on you, the blogger.

Take it easy on yourself guys. New bloggers need to rein in expectations and not beat themselves up for not having the skills of someone who’s practiced blogging for 20,000 hours.

Reality check. You are new on the blogging block. You likely have only spent 10, 20 or 200 hours blogging. Accept this fact.

Proceed from a genuine, honest, and clear energy.

Learn how to blog the right way. Create helpful content. Build meaningful connections.

Be generous. Trust. Put in the time and you will succeed too.

Just don’t be hard on yourself when you have virtually zero blogging experience.

One Small Favor

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  1. I firmly believe that you have to be on the top of your mind to blog effectively. Keep investing in yourself. Try to do things that makes you feel good about yourself. Your blog is just another reflection of your mind . The one you are showing to the world.


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