Never Lose Sight of the Goal

I like to keep my goals front and center to avoid straying off course. Life seems destined to pull you away from your goals. People, situations and circumstances all do their darned-dest to draw you away from your chief intent. You decide; stray off course or stay on track. 100% of the time, you choose. Either lose sight of the blogging goal or keep all eyes on the blogging goal.

I intend to create 10 or more blog posts daily between my blog and guest posts. Completing this guest post puts me right about at that sweet point. I keep my eye on the goal to reach the goal, no sweat, usually. Even if I do not reach the goal with 10 posts, I get super close. All OK with me if I come up a tiny bit short because I’ve so much content floating around out there. But I need to keep my eye on the goal to reduce distractions, to let go folks who try to pull me away from my intent and to keep blogging through thick and thin. Being goal-focused is like developing your mental muscle. Humans possess weak minds until minds become developed through practices like meditation. Sitting with your thoughts and feelings helps you see you are not the thoughts and feelings, but awareness observing it all. Being awareness watching it all, building up your mental muscle seems much easier because you are not dominated by the thoughts and feelings floating through your mind.

Keep your goals front and center and ensure you become emotionally involved with your goals. Weak desires never cut it. Fear and pain derail most bloggers because most dream weak, barely detectable dreams, not striking any chord in your being. Imagine clinging to a weak goal/dream with a weak desire. What happens when life turns you upside down with some intense situation? 100% of the time, you panic and bail on your blogging goal because the intense situation kicks that weak-desire-dream right out of your mind with about zero effort. But bloggers hellbent on making their dreams come true keep their eye on the goal no matter what happens in life. These pros do a fabulous job staying the course because this crowd sees their dreams loud and clear, through thick, thin and all in between.

Never Lose Sight of the Goal 2

Surround yourself with goal-focused bloggers too. Observe how driven, dream-focused bloggers keep blogging no matter what. This crowd does an absolute smash up job being the bloggers who succeed because holding your dreams front and center ensures you never stray off course. Dreams behave like beacons, compasses, or even like a magnet, pulling you along as long as you hold the dream closely. The trick is becoming emotionally involved enough with dreams to hold these goals while life intervenes. Life tries its best to see how committed you are to your blogging dreams. Your job is to be all in, focusing on your goals, being the productive blogger who sees the journey through as you hop skip and step toward your dream life.


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