Never Deviate from the Blogging Basics

Blogging is actually quite simple. Stick to the basics. Follow simple rules. Succeed. This is not rocket science. This is not complex either. But most bloggers make the error of trying too hard and making things complex. The split second you deviate from the complex, you are in trouble because complex strategies make no sense and make things so much harder. Complex is difficult. Stick to the basics. Follow the fundamentals.

Never deviate from the blogging basics. Create and connect generously for days, weeks and years. Create and connect for decades, if need be. But you need to keep things simple for a sustained period of time for anything significant to happen. Overnight success does not happen. I have not seen anyone succeed overnight and I have been doing this blogging bit for 15,000 hours. If I have not seen it, you sure ain’t gonna see it. So just keep it simple, follow the basics and if you do not deviate, from these fundamentals, you will succeed. Observe any fears pulling you away from blogging fundamentals. Even though the basics do not feel sexy, or appealing. Here I am writing my likely 10,000th plus blog post or guest post – combined – for bloggers and myself, at 10:04 PM on a Monday night here in New Jersey. Does that sound sexy or appealing or eye-popping? Heck no. This gig is just about keeping it simple, basic and powerful for many years, for thousands upon thousands of hours.

Simply observe how top bloggers keep it simple for many years. I saw a blogger speak at a live event. He noted simply creating blog posts for 15 years, and would keep doing it, even if he did not make a cent online. He has made millions of dollars over 15 years online and here he is saying he would have blogged for 15 years even if he did not make a penny. Plus, all he did was create content and build bonds with powerful bloggers. How simple! How basic! Yes, these blogging basics carried him to make many millions of dollars online. Spot other top bloggers. Again and again, these icons followed the basics for thousands of hours, year in and year out. Nothing complex. Simple, good old fashioned blogging, sticking to the fundamentals, works best and is genuinely the only way to build lasting success online.

Never trust bloggers who promise quick riches, shortcuts and BS hacks. These liars cannot be trusted because the only way to create lasting success is to stick to the basics. Create. Connect. Prosper.

Be committed guys. Life will tempt you to make things difficult or complex. Resist all urges to take shortcuts or to take the easy route. Stick to the fundamentals. Even if you want something sexier and prettier, you better ground yourself in the basics. Success is doing simple things generously for years of your life. Spend thousands of hours creating, connecting and monetizing freely to position yourself to succeed. Never deviate from the basics. You – and your blog – will be good money.


Do you need a reminder to stick to the basics? Life gets difficult sometimes. If you know anything about slamming into resistance, your ego may goad you to deviate from the proven basics to do something complex, foolish, and guaranteed to fail. I wrote an eBook to help you follow the fundamentals, especially when ego tempts you to step away from the success-promoting basics. Buy it here:

10 Stupid Simple Fundamentals of Blogging

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