Mr. Indian Hacker Net Worth: See How Experiments Makes Money

Making DIY projects can be a hobby for many people, but for Mr. Indian Hacker, aka Dilraj Singh, it goes beyond just a hobby.

You might have seen him performing daring experiments on expensive cars, creating innovative equipment, building houses, and even blowing up newly bought bikes. But how does he manage to afford all these projects?

Here, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about the net worth of Mr Indian Hacker. Let’s have a look over his cars, houses, properties, businesses, and income sources.

mr indian hacker net worth

A Brief Introduction Of Mr. Indian Hacker

Mr. Indian Hacker, also known as Mr. Titanium, is an Indian YouTube celebrity whose actual name is Dilraj Singh Rawat. He became popular through his decent looks and crazy videos. Today, he has a whole team of 10-15 members to work with. He labeled his YouTube Family with the tagline “The Titanium Army.” See the list of his team members below.

  • Vikram Singh Rawat
  • Balveer Singh Rawat
  • Gajender Singh Rawat
  • Virender Singh Rawat
  • Ravinder Singh Rawat
  • Govind Singh Rawat
  • Pratap Singh Rawat
  • Dinesh Singh Rawat
  • Chaman Singh Rawat
  • Manish Rawat
  • Mahavir Singh Rawat
  • Jeetu Rawat
  • Bhupender Singh Rawat
  • Bhavani Singh Rawat
Dilraj Singh with team

Net Worth Of Mr Indian Hacker

  • Mr Indian Hacker Net Worth: $2 million or Rs.16 Crores
  • Mr Indian Hacker Annual Income: $605K  Rs. 7 Crore
  • Mr Indian Hacker Monthly Income: $60K or Rs. 50 Lakhs

Mr Indian Hacker’s Info

  • Age: 27 years old
  • Birth Date: 8 Jan 1996
  • Birth Place: Ajmer, Rajasthan
  • Height: 5’7 inches
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Marital Status: Married

Mr. Indian Hacker’s Contact

Dilraj Singh net worth

Where Does Mr. Indian Hacker Spend His Money?

Now, let’s talk about Mr. Indian Hacker’s lifestyle. You may have always seen him living a minimal lifestyle, but is it true? Well, at least 60% of it is true. Unlike other rich celebrities, Dilraj doesn’t seem to invest in designer personalized clothing and fashion. However, his addiction to trending gadgets, tools, and vehicles is amazing yet shocking.

Car Collection Of Mr. Indian Hacker

He usually makes videos of his car collection and studio tours. But before going ahead, let’s take a look at the list of cars and bikes he has purchased and experimented with:

  • Maruti Suzuki worth up to Rs. 17 lakhs
  • Maruti Suzuki Swift Dezire worth up to Rs. 7 lakhs
  • Maruti Suzuki Swift VDI worth up to Rs. 12 lakhs
  • Tata Nano worth up to Rs. 2 lakhs
  • Opel Corsa 1.4 worth up to Rs. 6 lakhs
  • Hyundai Verna worth up to Rs. 18 lakhs
  • Omni worth up to Rs. 3 lakhs
  • Two Mahindra Bolero worth up to Rs. 20 lakhs
  • Toyota Series worth up to Rs. 90 lakhs
  • Mustang GT worth up to Rs. 80 lakhs
  • Mercedes Benz worth up to Rs. 50 lakhs
  • Mahindra Scorpio worth up to Rs. 15 lakhs

Now, it’s safe to say that his car collection can be valued up to 6 crores. Meanwhile, his own personal garage has Toyota Fortuner, Audi Q7, and Honda Verna.

YouTube Studio Of Mr. Indian Hacker

Talking about his studios, he has uploaded two videos to showcase his workspace. His previous studio might not have been a big gig, but the second one is worth around 8 crores to 10 crores and seems to be thousands of square feet big. He also has a collection of 8-10 prestigious cameras to record his videos.

He and his whole team work almost 24×7 to create content for their audience. This shows how dedicated he is to his passion. Dilraj has a down to earn earth personality. He treats his team like his family and they are allowed to withdraw anytime from the team’s account according to their needs.

Did you know he spends 60-80% of his YouTube income to create his videos?

YouTube Journey Of Mr. Indian Hacker

Channel NameMr. Indian Hacker
Number Of Video Upload966
Live Subscribers34.2 Million
Live Views6,195,772,902 views
Creation Date21 Jun 2012
Mr Indian Hacker Youtube IncomeRs. 40 Lakhs per month

Dilraj was born in a small village in Ajmer, Rajasthan, into a lower-middle-class family. He completed his basic education there and graduated from a government university. He had a great interest in Science & Technology and loved to conduct experiments, which is why he named himself Mr. Titanium. [Read the net worth of Technical Guruji As well.]

In 2012, he started his YouTube channel from scratch. Initially, he uploaded videos like “How to open a lock without a key” or “iPhone 6 Bend Test.” In 2018, he made an appearance as a participant in India’s Got Talent (IGT) with his awe-inspiring science experiments. Later, he left the show due to some personal issues, but this setback only fueled his potential to grow further.

By 2019, he had reached 1 million subscribers, and the following year, his subscriber count increased to 5 million. With continuous growth, he reached 25 million subscribers in 2022 and currently has a staggering 31.2 million subscribers.

Here is a list of Mr. Indian Hacker’s currently active YouTube channels:

YouTube ChannelSubscribersViews
Mr. Indian Hacker34.2 million 5591497413 views
Dilraj Singh2.9 million334,111,713 views
Mr. Titanium1.4 million 48,889,062 views
Mr. Indian Hacker Shorts6.11 million1,010,361,732 views
Mr. Indian Hacker Vlogs2.78 million 238,425,656 views
mr indian hacker youtube channel homepage
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Sources Of Mr Indian Hacker Net Worth

Mr. Indian Hacker has established himself as one of India’s prominent content creators. He has 5 YouTube channels with millions of views. As per YouTube’s monetization program, he is currently earning between Rs. 30 Lakhs and Rs. 40 Lakhs per month.

However, YouTube isn’t his only source of income. He also has farming and other businesses on the side. Additionally, he takes on client-based projects, promotions, and collaborations with legitimate and popular brands and companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of Mr. Indian hacker?

Dilraj Singh Rawat is the owner of Mr. Indian Hacker.

What is the average monthly income of Mr. Indian Hacker?

The average monthly income of Mr. Indian Hacker is between Rs. 50 Lakhs and Rs. 60 Lakhs.

How many followers does Mr. Indian Hacker have?

Mr. Indian Hacker has over 4.5 million followers on Instagram, 739k followers on Facebook, and 34 million followers on YouTube.

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Mr. Indian Hacker is a down-to-earth person who loves to connect with nature. Through his captivating videos and unique projects, he continues to inspire and entertain millions of viewers worldwide.

Although it is challenging to determine the exact net worth of Mr Indian Hacker, our estimates calculate it to be around Rs. 16 crores. If you loved reading this, you should also read about Bhuvan Bam and CarryMinati.

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