Mentally Check Out of Dysfunctional Blogging Environments

Do you know the greatest blogging service you can do yourself? Mentally check out of dysfunctional blogging environments dripping with fear, loss and scarcity. Step away from these situations. Step into abundant, loving, higher energy environments to better succeed and to actually enjoy the process. I stepped out of fear into love many times in my blogging life. I still do, today, some 10 years into my blogging career. Make this decision to grow quickly and to enjoy growing because stepping from fear into love helps you be at peace with the process. Flip-side, blogging in fear-communities rank with loss, poverty, blame and victim mentalities makes your life tougher and makes blogging success almost impossible. Guys; you clearly know the communities and surroundings I am talking about. We all know. We all know blogging bonds needing to be cut in order to proceed from a more fear-less energy.

I vigilantly observe who remains and who needs to go from my blogging sphere of influence. Anyone who sees me in less than empowered ways, needs to go. I have zero time, attention and energy for these folks since where energy goes, grows. Why give energy to people who feed me failure, fear and lack mindset? But releasing fear and fear-influenced people positions me to blog from love, abundance and success. Birds of a feather deal. We all know how birds of a feather flock together. But mentally checking out of fear-dripping environments is step #1 if you plan to actually succeed online, if you plan to become a pro blogger. Either step backward into fear climates or step forward into love climates. Decide. All is on you.

I suggest spending more time in quiet. See who gets to stay and who needs to go. Never talk blogging with poverty conscious, victim-hood-type, defeated bloggers. Never offer unsolicited advice. Even if fear-bloggers ask for advice – from fam to friends to strangers – never offer good, honest advice to people who do not have the ears to hear it. I offered advice to many struggling bloggers who clearly wanted me to lie to them, EVEN THOUGH said bloggers asked me to offer honest advice. I have since learned to only offer honest, truthful feedback to people who genuinely want to hear the feedback. I never offer advice to folks who ask for honest advice them slam me, disagree, and fight the truth I lay before eyes. At least of course, I never offer said bloggers honest advice twice.

I have been burned though; sometimes, offering advice to folks I know well becomes lessons in futility because in one breath, someone claims to seek truth, but offering truth only triggers bloggers to be blind to truth, to blame other folks for failure and to be so stuck on failure, lies and illusion that they cannot see, hear and follow honest advice, even if said advice came up and bit them in the rear end. Let these folks go. Do not make my error of offering honest advice multiple times to close bloggers who refuse to listen to the advice, let alone, to bloggers who fight cajole and squirm, who, in their delusion, explain to you why your advice is not true, why it does not work, and why you need to take your honest advice and shove it. One cannot force the blind, to see.

Be positive. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting, inspired bloggers. Check out of negative environments. Nothing personal. Simply your success, on the line here.


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