Mark Rober Net Worth 2024: Career and Earning of Former NASA Engineer

Mark Rober is one of the popular inventors and YouTubers today. In 2024, his total net worth is around $20 million. This money shows not just how rich he is, but also how good he is at science stuff. Mark Rober worked at NASA as a rocket scientist before.

But in 2013, he left that job to make fun videos on YouTube full-time instead. He uses his skills and experience to create cool videos that teach about science in an entertaining way. Now Mark Rober is the #1 YouTuber for DIY projects and popular science topics.

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Mark Rober Net Worth 2024 – Amazing Story from NASA to YouTube Stardom

mark rober net worth

His Life story

On March 11, 1980, Mark Rober was born in Orange County, California. He grew up there with his parents. From a very young age, Rober loved science. He started building many little inventions and tools at a young age.

He went to Brigham Young University and got a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. After that, Rober got his master’s degree from the University of Southern California too.

Rober was really into science research. With his curiosity and hard work, he even invented special goggles at a young age that stop your eyes from watering when you cut onions.

His Social Media

  • Rober has a YouTube channel called Mark Rober with 146 videos and 45.7 million subscribers.
  • The former NASA Engineer has more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram (@markrober).

On Facebook, 5.3 million people follow Mark Rober’s account.

Career of Former NASA Engineer

mark rober

Mark Rober started working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) as a mechanical engineer in 2004. He spent 9 years there before becoming an internet star.

During his NASA days, Rober helped build the Mars Curiosity rover that explored Mars (Red Planet). He also created hardware for many other JPL missions like:

  • AMT
  • SMAP
  • Mars Science Laboratory

Mark Rober was a leading developer in JPL Wired (a Wikipedia-style knowledge capture wiki). He published case studies on procedures for using wiki technology in high-tech firms to get corporate knowledge.

Mark Rober Videos and Later Career

While working at NASA, Mark Rober began making videos about all kinds of cool topics like

In June 2015, he worked as a product designer at Apple for 4 years in the special project group and quit his job in June 2019. In June 2022, he started his own company called CrunchLabs. It is an educational technology company that mainly offers hands-on STEM learning experiences and subscription box services for kids. He also has a YouTube channel for Crunchlabs with over 786k subscribers.

Mark Rober’s YouTube Journey

Mark Rober started a YouTube channel in 2011 when he was working at NASA. He posted a lot of Do-it-yourself gadget videos on his channel that grabbed the attention of audiences. 

He has over 45.7 million subscribers by posting engaging video content. His YouTube channel is renovated for its high-quality science videos and modern gadgets presentations. 

This online success helped him to cultivate a large fan base and also provided a chance to collaborate with high-end organizations Apple INC. and NASA. 

With his online achievements, he has a lot of personal assets and ample car collections from leading brands.

Mark Rober Net Worth and Earnings 

Mark Rober’s Net Worth in 2024 is estimated at around $20 million. Most of his income sources come from his YouTube channel ads. He concentrates on creating invention videos like systems, Halloween outfits, and others. It aids people who steal packages without trouble. 

Former NASA scientist holds patents for various objects he has developed. Also, he sells Halloween outfits and his inventions to earn money that boosts their wealth. 

In 2022, he founded CrunchLabs, which offers STEM learning experiences and subscription boxes. The company especially targets children and it is another income source for Rober. 

Mark Rober hosted a live stream with Jimmy Kimmel, which helped him to earn more than $3 million. 


In 2012, NASA engineer established the online Halloween costume firm Digital Dudz. It is famous for its app-integrated costumes and he made $250,000 in this business in its first three weeks of operation. The company was selling its products in retail stores by 2013 such as Party City. 

Digital Dudz’s costumes were showcased on various channels and TV programs like The Today Show, CNN, and Discovery Channel. In 2013, Mark Rober sold his business to the UK-based spandex manufacturer Morphsuits. 

In addition, he has shared his skills in different ways like articles, live TV shows, TED talks, and discovery channels. His son’s diagnosis inspired him to raise autism awareness which led him to use social media platforms in a good way.


Here are some of the interesting questions answered about Mark Rober

How old is Mark Rober?

Currently, Mark Rober is 44 years old.

Is Former NASA Engineer Mark Rober married?

Yes, Rober is married. His wife is Lisa Rober and the couple has one son.

How Rich is Mark Rober?

As of 2024, American YouTuber and Inventor Mark Rober’s estimated wealth is $20 million.

Is Mark Rober a former NASA Scientist?

Yes, Rober was a scientist at NASA who started his career as a mechanical engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 2004. Mark Rober worked as a scientist for nine years and later he left this job.

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Final Thoughts about Mark Rober Net Worth

In the end, Mark Rober is clearly a very smart and talented guy. He went from working at NASA to becoming a hugely successful YouTuber making millions. 

Rober used his skill in a new way to create fun, educational videos that people really enjoy watching. His cool inventions and companies like CrunchLabs also make him a lot of money. 

At just 44 years old, Rober’s $20 million net worth shows he has worked super hard and been very clever with his career. 

His amazing story of going from a NASA engineer to an insanely popular YouTube star really inspires people to follow their dreams no matter what.

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