Make Blogging Easier: Buy Your Domain and Hosting

Make blogging easier on yourself. Sounds good, right? Here’s what you do: buy your domain and hosting. Blogging never needs to be harder than it can be, at times. Blogging mainly feels highly uncomfortable only in rare moments. But facing these fears becomes more overwhelming if you try to shoehorn blogging success through free platform blogs. A few moments ago, someone asked on Quora about Medium. Another user asked about having problems trying to publish content on their Quora blog. Guys; Quora owns Quora, and Medium owns Medium. You own nothing on either platform. You are not even a blogger on either platform because you are a user, just part of the product. Blogging is not actually blogging if you attempt to blog on either platform because you do not own any of the real estate; you’re a user who writes content on the alleged blogging platform.

Do you want to make your life easier? Simple; buy your domain and hosting. Own your online real estate. Call the shots. Make decisions. Blogging gets easier because, by last count, you avoid about 500 headaches the split second you blog on a free platform. Or, maybe 1000 headaches LOL. Why? You no longer need to fear being kicked off a free platform blog at any time for any reason. You have blogging license to say what you want, to sell what you want and to do what you want, save breaking hosting companies’ super lenient terms of service. Now you are in control. Phew….feels good, right? But blogging gets even easier from there because you get to stand out in a wonderfully powerful, one-of-a-kind, way.

Make Blogging Easier: Buy Your Domain and Hosting 2

Start with buying a premium theme. Hands down, this is such a simple, inexpensive way to stand out, because most bloggers on free platforms fit in like blogging sheeple and people who use free themes quickly see the error in their ways. Free means cheap-looking. But digging deeper, things get even better guys. Imagine being able to make money blogging through any income stream, with absolutely zero limitations on how you earn? Sweet, eh? I think so. Nobody tells you how you can make money. Set up 50,000 income streams for all I care 😉 Seriously though, the ease with which you can profit financially boggles the mind when you generously and patiently create, connect, trust in the process and keep opening income streams. This is the key of keys; you need to blog generously for thousands of hours but continuing to open income streams puts everything into overdrive. That’s when your blogging success begins to genuinely accelerate. That’s when everything comes together.

Can you see why blogging gets easier and easier and easier by making the simple decision to buy your domain and hosting? Nobody needs to struggle with blogging on free platforms. Nobody needs to make this common free platform mistake, leading to nightmares. Literally, you step over year’s worth of headaches and problems, feeling peace of mind in knowing you own your blog, your brand, and you can design and monetize the blog however you want to design and monetize the blog. Freedom. Sweet, blessed relief. Nobody puts cyber handcuffs on you any more. Plus, you instantly stand out from armies of bloggers who mistakenly blog on free platforms.


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