Leave Your Blogging Home

I rarely left my blogging home during early blogging days. That did not work out well.

Spending virtually all of my time on my blog isolated me from the world. I had little success. How do you succeed blogging only for yourself? Other people need to read your blog, buy your stuff and hire you for you to succeed.

Observe my guest posting campaign. I leverage my presence by spending ample time off of my blog, on other blogs. I only can do too much solo. But befriending fellow bloggers and creating on their blogs opens me up to new, fresh, targeted audiences.

Imagine publishing posts on your blog only. Let’s say you have 1000 readers. All well and good….but imagine guest posting for 10 bloggers whose collective audience reaches 6,000 people. 7000 people beats 1000 people. Heck; if you never leave your blogging home, gaining even 100 readers becomes difficult.

Perhaps SEO specialists drive sweet blogging traffic. But most bloggers struggle to succeed blogging solely on their own real estate. Most bloggers rarely leave home because of fear. Do you fear criticism? Do you fear rejection? Do you fear failing? Each fear tends to manifest as blogging only on your blog because reaching out to fellow bloggers triggers each of those fears.

Leave your blogging home. Comment genuinely on blogs from your niche. Guest post on blogs from your niche. Promote fellow bloggers on:

  • your blog
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Make friends. Build bonds. Leaving your blogging home builds the friend network which accelerates your online success. Why do I guest post up to 5 or more times daily? I built friendships with fellow bloggers. Fellow bloggers invited me to guest post on their blogs. Simple process. But I had to co-create and connect on blogs other than my own to enjoy these sweet benefits of networkimg.

I faced, felt and released fears aligned with creating valued content on blogs other than my own. Why fear creating content on other blogs? I feared sharing my best work on other blogs other than on my own blog. My competitive consciousness help me back. But I learned my lesson.

Now I spend a majority of my time creating on other blogs. Why? Leveraging 101; creating on sites owned by other bloggers boosts your traffic and profits if the blogs align with your niche. Stop trying to drive traffic and profits through your blog. Drive traffic and profits through 10 or 20 blogs, or more. Think abundantly.

Bloggers usually err by trying to go solo. Going solo ensures you get lapped by bloggers connected to a loyal army of bloggers. Bloggers connected to huge, loyal tribes patiently build communities one person at a time. No one gets connected from a passive energy. Top bloggers leave home base to create and connect on other blogs.

I leverage my presence through writing on at least 5 blogs on which I have publishing rights. I write and publish posts sans the need to get posts approved. No submissions necessary. Plus my submissions on other blogs get approved 100% of the time. Why? I built friendships through my generosity, patience and persistence.

My networking campaign paid immense dividends. Since I left my blogging home regularly, a growing group of bloggers invited me to guest post on their blogs.

Spend most time on other blogs. Master leveraging. Help new audiences. Gain increased exposure. Prosper by leaving blogging home.


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