Keep Your Blogging Promotion Momentum Going

Keep your blogging promotion momentum going. Do not give up. Promoting products or services persistently and consistently boosts your sales near term and long term. Do not be shy. Do not give up. Too many bloggers give up after promoting something for a hundred or a thousand times to see few or no sales. What you created bleeds with value. Believe this. Don’t bail on something amazing and beneficial and groundbreaking. Almost every world-renowned venture started off with the appearance of rejection. Too many entrepreneurs know all too well what it feels like to develop dogged persistence.

If you see a billion dollar business, know that the individual had to promote the living stuffing out of themselves, their product or their service before money flow to them freely. Oftentimes, people need to promote something for hundreds than thousands then tens of thousands of times and more before everything really takes off and they begin to cash in with hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in revenue. This is just the way it is. Then you have famous author and actor stories of people who had been seemingly rejected countless times by respected professionals in their field of choice. Guess what happens? The floodgates open after their persistence opens doors that less persistent people never see.

I think of author JK Rowling of Harry Potter Fame. Now she is a billionaire. Everybody knows her. But her Harry Potter idea was rejected by at least 13 publishing houses before an individual gave it a look, but only because their child insisted on checking it out. She persisted, building her promotional momentum, not giving up on something special. Now she is a writing icon and billionaire. Learn from these incredibly inspirational folks who promoted the living stuffing out of themselves and what they believed in before making it big. Nobody makes it big until they promote themselves so much that they just outlast other bloggers and entrepreneurs and actors and people who gave up way too quickly on their dreams.

Keep Your Blogging Promotion Momentum Going 2

I promoted one of my courses for many thousands of times until somebody bought it. I didn’t care. I just kept promoting the thing. Ditto for many of my e-books. Folks really didn’t start buying my ebooks until I put in my mind that I would get my e-books in 1 billion hands. Now I promote my e-books like I breathe and more and more people buy them but it was only through my promotional momentum that it is so.

Never be quick to quit on promoting something special if nobody appears to buy it after a few months or a year or two. Keep promoting it. Get clear on it. We always know when we have something special so don’t bail on it or give up or lose faith or trust in yourself. Keep promoting and in time with generous service and a dogged persistence, your promotional momentum will lead to increased sales and greater exposure in your blogging niche.

Believe deeply in yourself. You are special. Your product is special. Your service is special. Now it’s time for you to keep promoting you, your product and your service until you get clear enough so money flows to you freely through the premium offering. Nobody can force you to be persistent or make you be persistent, but when you see inspired stories of persistent bloggers promoting themselves tirelessly, learn from these pros. They are not lucky. Nor do they have an impossible, steely resolve. But they built up their promotional momentum until cash flowed to them freely and easily.


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