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I read a biography of a world famous musician who grew up where I live in the USA. Jon Bon Jovi is famous around the globe for leading his rock band, Bon Jovi. Dude was raised in the New Jersey town where I live when not circling the globe. Neat.

Anyway, from the time he became involved in music to when he actually hit it big and became famous and wealthy, 9 years of work, dedication and paying his dues, passed. Please think about that for about 10 seconds. Give yourself time. Ponder the idea. Imagine 9 years ago, in your life. How much passed? Think about all of the events. Then think about all the time you spent doing various things. Now think of Bon Jovi. He spent MOST of those 9 years doing things involved with mastering his singing voice and putting together a band. And performing with the band. Imagine thousands upon thousands of hours of practice. Then, you get just a little idea of why he became rich and famous through music. He gave 9 years of his life to mastering a skill. His mastered skill gave him a spectacular life in return.

But scanning his biography, most people read and process the “9 years” phrase in about 2-4 seconds, then move on. This is EXACTLY like most aspiring bloggers who read my story. Aspiring bloggers scan “Ryan spent 10 years blogging  to master this skill” in 2-4 seconds. Then, these aspiring bloggers move on without fully realizing what it’s like to give 10 years of your life to blogging. Nobody succeeds by pondering the “10 years” time frame in a few seconds. Bloggers succeed by PUTTING IN 10 years of work. Or, bloggers succeed by putting in 5 years of work. This has to be a full on, pure commitment to blogging, if you want to go pro. Full time bloggers give their lives to blogging. Blogging gives a full time income and immense freedom to bloggers. Do you see how that works?

Keep this in Mind Aspiring Bloggers 2

Unfortunately, most aspiring bloggers flip out and panic after giving 30 hours to blogging, wondering in frustration WHY they have not made a penny blogging? Why? 30 hours is not 5 years. That’s why. 30 hours is not 2000 hours of blogging. 2000 hours of blogging is 2000 hours of blogging. Call me back when you put in 2000 blogging hours. Talk to me after you devoted 2 years of your life to blogging. You’ll be on the right track. Then, talk to me after you put 10 years into blogging, if you wish to master this skill. Think about Bon Jovi. He gave 9 years of his life to music to become super skilled, rich and famous. 7 and 8 figure bloggers gave 10 to 15 years of their life to blogging, to become super skilled, rich and famous.

Are you ready to put in the time? No need to be world famous. But from now, in 2020, you will be working thousands of hours to 2022 and 2023 to go full time. Nobody can get around this fact. Either put in the time and work to succeed. Or do not put in the time and work, to fail. Everything is on you. Put in the time. And work. Free yourself.


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