Keep Doing What Works Guys

I love hitting you upside the head with this blogging mindset tip: keep doing what works, guys.

More key, stop doing stuff solely because of need or greed. I highlight in the post above, my Young Blogging Padawans. If you feel good, have fun and slowly note key success metrics creeping North, keep being this person and keep doing what you have been doing to succeed. Beware the urge to become impatient if you do not experience massive traffic and profits surges quickly. Relax, my blogging sweet robbins. Chill. Success sneaks in the back door. Feels better that way. Success rarely if ever blinds you, taking you completely off guard through a sick wave of incredible overwhelm. What I mean is this: good things take generosity, patience, persistence, time and trust. Nothing happens over night. Keep doing what works.

Just because what you do brings in a few pennies or a few extra visitors daily does NOT mean what you do is NOT working. Patience, guys! Relax. Blogging yields slow, steady gains adding up to something eye-popping over thousands of hours. Do not sell out by panicking. Do not try to skip the blogging process. Never get greedy or desperate. Face your fears. Feels rough, eh? But in the next moment, once you clear those rough-feeling-energies, good vibes slowly flood your being. What happens if you feel mainly good vibes? You keep doing what works. What happens if you keep doing what works over months and years, devoting thousands of hours to what works? Traffic and money keep flowing your way in increasing amounts. Point blank, doing what works and being patient in doing what works and being generous, and persistent, in doing what works, leads to massive blogging success over the long haul. Never allow day to day, tiny, seemingly small fluctuations in traffic and profits pull you away from what works, toward, what does not work.

Keep Doing What Works Guys 2

My deal: I spend my day having fun helping people through guest posting, blogging on my blog, promoting my eBooks – buy this fun one today to get interviewed on top blogs – and promoting other bloggers to expand my blogger buddy network. I learned from big dawg bloggers how following each strategy from a generous, trusting energy works to increase your blogging success. I even tuned into evidence of each strategy working; my traffic and profits increases, of course. But if I made 0 dollars through blogging and if I generated 4 visitors daily after doing what works for 3 months, I would keep doing what works because lags exist. Every successful blogger learns the Law of Lag; changing your vibe, doing what successful bloggers do and trusting in the process sets up a lag because you feeling good helping folks and physical, tangible results in terms of traffic numbers of profits number. Work for free, for a bit. Be calm, patient, persistent, generous and trusting during lag periods. Get paid and see oodles of traffic, down the road.

Never ever ever panic during a lag or lull in the blogging traffic and profits department. Sweet success is on the way! The blogging cavalry is coming, folks. People follow persistent, patient, generous bloggers who trust in themselves and who trust in the process during the illusion of lack, or, during the appearance of lulls. See the journey through. Keep doing what works. Position yourself to succeed.

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