Is It Time for a Blogging Rest?

Rest to recharge.

Is it time for a blogging rest? Pushing harder does not work. Pushing yourself to work longer hours does not work. Force negates. Anytime you use force to push yourself you use fear to get stuff done. Fear-based drivers lead to fear-based results. You cannot experience sweet blogging success feeling overworked, overwhelmed and burned out because being overwhelmed prevents you from being energized, prolific, and generous. How can you help others freely if you can barely help yourself? No one feels energized, prolific and focused while being totally swamped, and burned out. Take a blogging rest. Pull back from blogging for a bit. Relax. Take a few days off. Maybe take a week off. Listen to your intuition; it knows the way.

Resting simply allows you to recharge, to get clear and to return to blogging from a prolific, generous energy. Successful bloggers maintain this chill, relaxed, rested energy for a sustained period of time. I have not taken a full day off from blogging in over 5 years. Why? How? I rest amply daily and sleep well to be relaxed, chill and energized for the long haul blogging journey. How could I blog for 5 years in a row if I felt burned out, fatigued and completely leveled? No way could I blog daily if I strained, strived, worked for 16 hours daily and slept little. Sickness sets in. Physical exhaustion sets in. Mental fatigue sets in too. People blog in fits and starts because few folks rest sufficiently, choosing to blog hard, to push themselves and to burn out. Like a moth who gets too close to the flame, this crowd burns out eventually. No blogger successfully burns the candle from both ends.

Rested, recharged bloggers maintain a generous, prolific vibe for hours daily, for years in a row. Blogging slowly, peacefully and calmly allows you to blog indefinitely. Imagine how much success you experience by blogging generously daily for years of your life?

Is It Time for a Blogging Rest? 2

How often should you rest, blogging-wise? I cannot answer that question because I am not in your mind or body. Intuitively, you know. Two weeks ago, I fell ill. Rather than work a normal blogging day I stayed on bed rest most of the day and did a tiny bit of blogging work, resting most of the day. My intuition told me to rest well. I listened. Returning to blogging work the following day, I kept my blogging streak alive. Rest when you need to rest. Perhaps you need to take a full week off from blogging. Never feel like you miss out or fall terribly behind if you need to take time off because you have to listen to your body in situations like these. Be at peace with resting to enable yourself to think more clearly and to create from a more prolific, generous energy.


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