How to Use Twitter to Drive Blog Traffic

Most bloggers never get Twitter.

Retweet your blog post. Wait around for traffic. Right? Wrong.

I wrote an eBook on driving blog profits through Twitter to explain how traffic and profits flow to you through the platform.

Twitter is not set it and forget it for any blogger. Generous, genuine, engaging bloggers drive traffic and profits through the platform because helping people, helps you.

Please sear that idea onto your mind. Helping people, helps you. Generously helping people on the site grows your following, boosts engagement, drives clicks and ultimately increases traffic and profits through Twitter.

Most bloggers just want to help themselves. You know; the “retweet my link and leave” crowd.

Rude awakenings find these bloggers who see a link blindness from their followers.

I observed a well known person with over 600,000 followers who received 1-2 retweets per Twitter post, routinely.

What gives? Link blindness. His followers tired of seeing his links all day long.

His followers also could care less about someone who never popped in to @reply followers or engage other tweeters.

Twitter works terribly as a 1 way, broadcasting, bot-driven platform. Twitter works awesome for bloggers who help people.

Helping People Helps You

5 minutes before writing this post I viewed my @replies and retweets.

After scanning my retweeters, I clicked their profile links, read a tweet and retweeted their tweet.

I also read blog posts tweeted and commented on said blog posts. Guess what? I helped people, which helps me.

Tweeters appreciate help and return help by:

  • retweeting your blog posts
  • clicking links to your posts and visiting your blog

How to Use Twitter to Drive Blog Traffic 2

Both actions increase blog traffic quite easily. But generously helping people with no focus on outcomes put the return help into motion.

Retweeting people’s posts is the quickest and easiest way to help people and to snag their attention.

Retweet helpful content related to your niche. Snatch tweets from your main stream, lists or via your @replies and retweets.

Be generous. Be thoughtful. Be helpful, Get help. Drive blog traffic.

Pay Close Attention to Pro Tweeters

Lisa Sicard is a pro tweeter. She beautifully mixes business tweets, casual tweets and engagement to increase her blog traffic and blogging business through Twitter.

I watch her closely to see how she does it.

Sure enough, when I began tweeting funny GIFs, videos and engaging often, like she does, my blog traffic increased through Twitter.

If someone generates a ton of engagement and retweets, pay attention to how these pros tweet.

Note how they mix casual tweets, chats and blog post tweets. Watch how they tend to retweet other people freely.

Note how genuine they are. Sue-Ann Bubacz is another Twitter pro in this regard. She chats with people all day long to make friends and to drive traffic and business through the platform.

Stay in the Stream

Tweet at least 5-10 times daily to stay in the stream.

No need to tweet every 5 minutes; we get your point, with fewer tweets.

But do not disappear on followers or else readers will not click your tweets and increase your blog traffic.

Follow this tip easily; schedule 5 to 10 minute blocks 2-3 times daily to stay in the stream.

Be visible, engage followers and become a known commodity in this area.

Bloggers who keep showing up, adding value, chatting people and having fun stand out on the network because most bloggers simply don’t show up much at all.

Persistently show up, stay in the stream and reap the benefits of your persistent generosity.

One Small Favor

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