How to Stay on the Wild Blogging Ride

Up. Down. Right. Left.

Where will blogging take you next?

I am not attempting to be Dr. Seuss. I am however promoting an eBook for solopreneur bloggers, sharing how to ride this roller coaster.

Sometimes, you feel amazing.

Woohoo! A big client signs up and pays. Great. 5 months pass without seeing another cent made through blogging.

Another 7 months pass. The only income earned during one year; a single client. This is the point at which most bloggers quit.

But bloggers who ride the roller coaster of emotions and outcomes learn the basic law of life: roller coasters become flat, easy, calming rides in proportion to your commitment to developing emotional intelligence.

The Wild Ride Does Not Exist

I am not kidding. The wild blogging ride exists not.

Every event is just a moment. But you, through your mind, add layers of meaning to certain outcomes.

The wild ride is within, in your mind.

Learning how to be emotionally intelligent helps you stay on the ride until the roller coaster levels out.

Leveling out, the journey is calming, peaceful, profitable and quite seamless because whatever happens, your loving, peaceful demeanor frames all events through the prism of peace, calm and serenity.

Embrace and FEEL Fear

Does blogging seem a wild journey to you?

Guess what?

The income swings and other shifts simply mirror your fear and attachment back, to you. I am reading the memoirs of Yogananda now.

He was an Indian yogi adept who helped bring yoga from India to the United States.

He and his guru advised engaging in a thorough impersonal analysis as your judgments, thoughts, and feelings arise.

Feeling fear is not comfortable or pleasant but observing the emotions and releasing the emotions moves those fears out of your mind.

Being a little more fear-free, the next time you sign a client, you will feel grateful and abundant without the wild, fear-filled excitement consistent with fear-attachment to money.

How to Stay on the Wild Blogging Ride 2

I am no blogging Buddha, nor am I a guru. I just do 90 minutes of deep yin yoga daily and become more aware of my thoughts and feelings.

My roller coaster is leveling off to where I feel good, peaceful and serene, no matter what moments occur in my blog and life.

Wild excitement of past – created by a strong fear-attachment – when I noted income or features, is now good-feeling, smiling, happiness and love. But if I see the appearance of a mini-lull of some kind, I feel good-feeling, happy and loved, plus I still smile.

Imagine Walking for Miles on Flat Land

Facing, feeling and releasing fears is like walking calmly for miles on flat land.

The journey is peaceful, calming and serene, with no wild rises or dips, plus you get to see new horizons, new locations and you have fulfilling new experiences.

Gone is wild, fear-driven obsession with sprinting up mountains and down into the valleys, greedily gobbling up as many experiences as possible. Now you just peacefully enjoy the journey and over time, see ever-expanding blogging success, without the drama.

Since I leveled off, I smile and feel happy, and peaceful, no matter what happens with my blog.

I am happy to serve people. As an added bonus, I appear to be in many places at once and have accelerated my blogging success but I am not too concerned with success.

Grateful, and fascinated by it all, the wild ride has become a casual stroll.

Face your fears related to attachment to traffic, profits, and business.

Feeling and releasing these energies levels you out on your blogging journey.

One Small Favor

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