How to Respond When You Make a Blogging Mistake

Correct it.

Move on.

I developed the talent of correcting mistakes in seconds and moving on in seconds. Sometimes, we make honest errors online. You NEED TO MAKE MISTAKES; you are only human. You misunderstand.  You share.

I mention income perhaps 0.0000001% of the time in my content. Yesterday, I mentioned a blogger’s income through a certain stream that was not true. She makes money through all types of other streams.

Since I blog from love – not fear, anger and all that messy energy – I owned my mistake, apologized, deleted the blogger mention and moved on.

No worries.

Now; when you do make a mistake from an honest, uninformed energy, and apologize, and correct how you can, and move on, you need to move on. I live in the moment. Seems to be the key to my happiness.

You need to move on completely, not allowing the mistake to ruin your day. You also have to develop the skill of loving kindness, compassion and empathy for other bloggers because if your mistake affects another blogger and they are afraid – we have all been afraid, and know how that feels – they may react for a bit to your error.

They may worry their reputation has been hurt, and that people around them are hurt. Fear is illusion. Do not buy into the hologram of fear. Only love is real. Cyber hugs. Have compassion. Move on.

Early During Your Career….

….making blogging errors feels highly unpleasant because you never made blogging errors before. Someone may react in wild, upset fashion. Or maybe they are cheesed a little.

If you are unclear on your blog, this feels upsetting to you. Resist the urge to retreat to a cyber blogging cave. Resist any urge to hide away, or to be angry, or to reach to someone. Simply be with your feelings, admit the error and move on.

Honesty Love and Clarity Win

I will walk you through my mistake-releasing process. I am straight with myself; did I make an error honestly and genuinely to hurt another human being? If I did, I own that.

But guys; I am a loving, caring, compassionate man so 99.9999999% of the time, my mistakes are honest, authentic and sprouting from an energy of ignorance, never carrying the intent to hurt someone.

Since that’s never my intent, I am not bothered by making mistakes. I only feel guilty that 0.0000001% of the time I want to hurt someone.

How to Respond When You Make a Blogging Mistake 2

I have since removed the portion of the post, but yesterday, I made a mistake in claiming Carol Tice earned $500,000 through freelance writing. This is not true. Why did I write it? To lie? To do something to hurt Carol? Of course not.

I do not even kill mosquitoes, much to my wife’s dismay, LOL. Someone had told me of her income years ago. I then read a few articles pointing to that figure. I didn’t do enough research. Honest mistake.

That’s on me. I deleted the portion of the post and now am writing these words to to say SHE DOES NOT make this income through freelance writing. Sorry Carol 🙂

Carol was a little upset on Twitter; that is OK. I get it. I have been afraid and upset, too. I know how that feels. So naturally, I apologized, I told her I deleted the mention of her, and more importantly, I am publishing this post on the same blog to tell the truth.

Now I move on, because I have roughly 10 posts to write and publish, and about 4 hours of other blogging work to do.

That is it. That is how you handle mistakes.

The reason why I share is because so many people fail with blogging – and in life – because they beat themselves up over their mistakes. If you do things from an energy of love and never hold the intent to help people, you apologize, fix how you can, and move on.

Tomorrow, we will talk about how to treat people who make mistakes with loving-kindness, to accelerate your blogging success.

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