How to Make Blogging Friends Fast

Some folks believe I am a networking machine.

I make blogging friends fast.


One of the opening lines from my eBook:

13 Steps to Become an Unstoppable Networking Machine


“Far and away, blogger outreach is the #1, most important factor of my success with Blogging From Paradise.”

No blogger is an island. My success flows through my friends. My success flows through teamwork. My success flows through being generous. Aha! This is how to make blogging friends fast.

Be generous. Help people for free. Expect nothing. Bonds form fast. This is really easy too. How tough is it to retweet some blogger’s post? How tough is it to read a blog post and to publish a genuine comment? Easy.

Be Generous

Most bloggers never make blogging friends because they only think about themselves. How can you succeed if you focus on yourself 100% of the time, promoting your content all the time, never reaching out in generous fashion?

Be generous. Help as many bloggers as possible. Comment genuinely on their blogs. Promote other bloggers through your blog and through social media. Be kind. Be pleasant.

Helping bloggers for free allows bonds to form because bloggers love generous, giving folks who are interested in them, NOT in what a blogger can do for them.

If you want my attention and friendship, do as friends do; help me and ask for nothing. If you want to bond quickly, keep helping me and buying my stuff, and, ask for nothing. We will become friends as your generosity increases. All about giving, folks, and, not trying to get.

Expect Nothing

Expect nothing. Ask for nothing. This step is key because you need to prove you want to help a blogger, versus trying to squeeze something out of them. I trust bloggers and befriend bloggers who take an interest in ME.

I do not trust and befriend bloggers who want to get ME to DO something for THEM. You know the difference. Strangers blindly pitch cold emails trying to get bloggers to do something for them, and wind up in spam folders.

Genuine, generous bloggers help fellow bloggers freely and make friends fast.

How to Make Blogging Friends Fast 2

Expect nothing. Allow bonds to form organically. Make friends fast by being generous, genuine, helpful and by releasing expectations in all you do. Be helpful and cut the strings. Make blogging friends fast.

The *Fast* Part

The more generous and detached you are, the more quickly you will make blogging friends. Simple as pie. People who help folks and expect nothing, for hours daily, make a ton of friends fast.

Why? Who doesn’t like a generous, genuine blogger who takes an authentic interest in them? These people are irresistible. Folks love kind people who just want to help them and build a warm, honest bond.

The Only Challenge

Release expectations guys. The moment you have no set agenda, helping people freely feels good and becomes the reward in and of itself. From there, magic happens. Bonds form quickly. Success multiplies.

All because you helped people freely without obsessing over specific outcomes that muck up the bond building process.

Help people and get the heck out of the way.

Follow this basic formula even if your ego and its fears fight you on the process. Eventually, you make friends fast and accelerate your blogging success through your generous, loyal friend network.

One Small Favor

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