How to Deal with Blogging Hardships

One of the most important aspects of blogging is to develop emotional intelligence.

Disappointment will happen because you and I are human beings. Humans experience a wide range of emotions.

In my eBook:

How to Become an Online Expert with Little or No Experience

I discuss how to gain expert status when you begin with zero experience. Do you know how much experience I had as a newbie? Blogging-wise? Entrepreneur-wise? None. Zilch. Nada. Zero.

I had to do freeing but uncomfortable things to gain valuable experience, and doing those things led to success. BUT I also dodged doing these things sometimes. I did not face my fears.

Being human, and choosing not to face fears, I inevitably faced hardcore blogging hardships. Struggles always follow someone who refuses to face their blogging fears. Every blogger sometimes shirks this responsibility because hey; who loves facing their fears?

Follow these tips guys.

1: Own Your Hardship

Own your hardship. Do not blog with your head in the sand. If you have made zero dollars through blogging after 10 years of effort, something is off. Own it. Now you need to fully embrace your struggles.

Be straight with yourself. Be honest. Owning your struggles helps you be free of the struggles. Be honest in claiming your failures so you can move forward from a genuine energy.

2: Face the Fear Fueling the Hardship

Hardships are fueled by fear. Imagine you have made zero dollars after blogging for 7 years. Some deep, pulsating fear you refuse to face and feel fuels the failure of not making money.

Perhaps you refuse to guest post for a deep fear of being rejected. Maybe you fear publishing posts weekly to your blog because you fear wasting time, knowing you will be a failure, anyway.

Hug this fear. Feel it. Unpleasant? Heck yeah. But on the other side of these rough-feeling emotions you can see clearly and take the final 2 steps to getting past blogging difficulties, so you can experience sweet blogging success.

3: Seek Proven Successful Advice from Pros

Seek proven advice from top, pro bloggers. Now you need to learn what works, what blogging tips to follow to become successful. Go to the top. Follow advice from established, pro bloggers. Learn from these folks.

Be open to receiving good advice. Leave disappointment in your rear view window. Proceed forward into a loving, generous blogging strategy shared from a top level pro who knows their stuff inside-out.

How to Deal with Blogging Hardships 2

4: Follow the Advice into Uncomfortable Zones

This is the final step. Put successful advice from pros into action. BUT as you move into action, although some acts feel fun and freeing, you need to take uncomfortable, scary actions at times. Par for the course guys. You need to do it.

The road to blogging success is paved with freeing, fun and sometimes unpleasant actions. No way around that one guys. Own it, take these successful steps and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

This journey through hardship feels unpleasant but fun, freedom and fulfillment wait on the other side of scary emotions. No one charges forward unless you wade through these unpleasant energies.

Just part and parcel of paying your online tuition. Be at peace with feeling your fears, owning your struggles and humble yourself to follow advice from pros. Success genuinely awaits you after you feel fears, do successful stuff and become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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