How Seriously Do You Take Blogging?

Blogging takes you as seriously as you take blogging.

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Sounds serious enough to me. But digging deeper, I spent a good 10 hours generously helping people today. I built my day around blogging, doing deep yin yoga and exercising.

I take blogging seriously. Even though I blog mainly for fun, I also commit 100% to blogging, to be successful.

This Is Not Some Casual Endeavor

Guys; I love you. But we have some people who call themselves bloggers, who do not blog much at all. Buying your domain and hosting does not make you a blogger.

Publishing a blog post once monthly does not make you a blogger.

You blog, for 45 minutes monthly, which is a casual endeavor. Blogging does not take you seriously because you do not take blogging seriously.

How Seriously Do You Take Blogging? 2

How seriously do you take blogging? Ask yourself that question. Struggling, failing bloggers usually do not take blogging seriously, putting in a little bit of time and energy here and there.

Imagine how quickly you’d be fired from a 9-5 job if you worked 3 hours on the first day and 2 hours on the second day?

Pink slip time, on day #2. Blogging is no different. Blogging will fire you if you do not show up for full work days, persistently.

Lock the Door and Throw Away the Key

I lock the door at the beginning of my blogging day then throw away the key. Work time is work time. I break for lunch, for deep yin yoga and for exercise.

I have a life outside of blogging and keeping fit, mentally and physically, too, with my traveling lifestyle.

But I take blogging seriously from a time and energy commitment because where my attention and energy goes, grows.

Bloggers put in the time to succeed. Bloggers walk into their home office, lock the door and throw away the key, for the day, getting their work done and putting all else on hold.

40,000 Hours

I have blogged for roughly 40,000 hours over the past decade of my life.

I do love blogging but feel uncomfortable writing these words at 11 PM.

Why do I blog through the night sometimes?

I take blogging seriously. Imagine putting 40,000 hours into blogging?

Some bloggers put 10 hours into blogging for a week and pat themselves on the back. This is not taking blogging seriously because you have 168 hours a week to work with.

Even if you work 40 hours weekly at a full-time job offline, you still have 128 spare hours to work with. Subtract 56 hours for sleep and you have 72 hours to blog every week.

Think of those numbers for just a moment. You have over 72 hours weekly to be 100% committed to blogging EVEN IF YOU HAVE A FULL-TIME JOB.

That is crazy, right?

You can work a 40-hour blogging work week and still have 32 hours of fun and family and fitness time.

That’s almost 5 hours daily of R and R, working 40 hours weekly blogging, 40 hours at your full-time job and getting 8 hours of sleep a night.

So…as my friend Maxwell Ivey says…..what’s your excuse?

Either you make excuses and treat blogging like a silly part-time hobby or you are all in.

I am all in.

Are you all in with me?

One Small Favor

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  1. Ryan, you are one of the hardest working successful bloggers I know. Keep enlightening and inspiring all of us as we work our way through this blogging world.


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