How Quickly Do You Release Bad Blogging Ideas?

Perhaps it was not a bad blogging idea, but I released an auto-dictation idea a few seconds ago. An idea hit my mind about 10 minutes ago; speak a blog post via the dictation feature in Word. I would save my fingers. Or so I thought. About 8 minutes in, I realized the words did not flow. Nothing flowed. My bloated, typo-ridden blog post did not cut the mustard. Bad blogging idea. I owned it. Quickly. Immediately, I trashed the idea and Word document and began writing this post the old fashioned way. Clinging to bad, worn out ideas simply perpetuates struggle. Holding on to worn out ideas obviously not working one bit delays your success. I could strain and strive with the dictate idea but words did not flow. Why hold on to a bad blogging idea? Let go the idea immediately to seize good ideas and to find your blogging flow.

Never try to force a circle into a square peg. Squares fit perfectly into square pegs, right? Forget about attempting to force a match that can never be a match. Bloggers waste precious time forcing matches obviously not designed to be matches. Why waste time? Let go non matches to make room for good matches. Writing this post feels seamless, effortless and free-flowing. Guaranteed, I write, edit and publish this guest post in 20 minutes flat because I am in flow. Everything flows smoothly from mind, to fingers to WordPress backoffice, seamlessly feeling like a breeze. I let go a poor idea in minutes to run with this good idea. Being open seems key in releasing bad blogging ideas. Bloggers marry themselves to old, worn out ideas for comfort and familiarity feel safe to them. But clinging to worn out ideas wears out your blogging campaign.

How Quickly Do You Release Bad Blogging Ideas? 2

Imagine if I clung to the idea that I could never write and self-publish an eBook? I never could write and self-publish this eBook and experience self-publishing success if I clung to the bad blogging idea that writing eBooks seemed scary, impossible and a flat out waste of my time. Blogging buddies goaded me to release this bad, limiting idea, and 126 eBooks later, I am just beginning to promote these reads freely, boosting sales and brand awareness through tidy Kindles and PDF eBooks. Being flexible helped me release a bad blogging idea to make room for a good blogging idea. Being open to a new way of doing things alerted me to the eBook idea. I had to be open and willing to release worn out ideas in order to accept new, refreshing, successful ideas. I also had to be willing to be uncomfortable the moment I let go an old, worn out idea to make room for a new, refreshing, successful idea. Letting go the old to unearth the new feels exciting, freeing, fun and quite scary sometimes. Welcome to growth. Welcome to being a successful blogger. Let go the old and worn out to make room for the new, growing way of doing things.

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