How Often Should You Post to Your Blog?

Should you post when you have something to say?

Should you post when you feel inspired?

Should you post once daily?

Should you post once weekly?

Should you post once monthly?

How should you think of finding a blog post frequency when top bloggers differ?

Millionaire bloggers publish 2-3 posts daily. Millionaire bloggers publish 1 post every 3 months. Millionaire bloggers publish all frequencies in between.

Where do you start?

I published once weekly and 30 times daily on an old blog.

I guarantee that from my experience, if you have fun and feel generous FIRST, before deciding to write and publish a post, you will find your ideal blog post frequency.

I also know erring on the side of being prolific tends to exponentially increase success because being generous mirrors money and traffic back to you.

But…..feelings are everything.

Find Frequency Based on Fun

Does it feel fun, freeing and generous to publish daily? Follow that route.

Does it feel fun, freeing and generous to publish weekly? Follow that route.

Why do most bloggers fail? Most give no thought to what feels fun. Most fix this idea in mind: publish daily to be successful. But most bloggers publish daily from a heavy energy of fear masked as:

  • resistance
  • force
  • desperation
  • greed
  • scarcity
  • loss
  • poverty consciousness

so these bloggers fail because fear-vibe brings failed results.

Others publish monthly from fear masked as:

  • writer’s block
  • terror of criticism
  • belief publishing more frequently wastes time
  • heavy attachment to getting as much profits-wise through one blog post published monthly

so these bloggers fail because fear-vibe brings failed results.

The Solution

Feel good, have fun, THEN choose your blog post frequency. Feeling good guides you to what works for you.

How Often Should You Post to Your Blog? 2

I love writing. Writing feels fun to me. I publish daily because it feels good to publish daily.

I would stop daily posting immediately if publishing daily felt like a chore, a problem, or a heavy, leaden weight. I never do what feels bad because bad brings bad result. I do what feels good to feel good results.

Feel good. Decide on your posting schedule.

My Experience

Even if doing so feels uncomfortable at times, having fun publishing one or more valuable, short posts daily increases your:

  • exposure
  • traffic
  • profits

But this is me. New bloggers cannot publish daily because you need skills to get it done and have not practiced writing enough to be skilled.

Take it easy newbies. Relax. Publish once weekly for starters. See how you feel after a few months. Increased skills may goad you to increase your blog post frequency.

Never Blindly Follow Advice from One Blogger

Do you know how many bloggers struggle terribly because they try to publish daily based on advice from a guru?

Never blindly follow advice from any blogger because said blogger says so. Feel through the advice. How fun would it feel to follow the blogging knowledge? Follow fun-feeling advice and release heavy, totally scary advice you resist.

New bloggers rarely publish posts daily because you did not prepare yourself mentally to post daily. Few newbies have ample knowledge, writing skills and mental clarity to write, proofread and publish one 600 posts daily.

Pull back. Follow your guide. Be your version of prolific. Follow your fun to find your ideal blog post frequency.

Trust your intuition to guide you toward your fun.

One Small Favor

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