How Not to Get Featured on Popular Blogs

“Great post.”

I have read that comment hundreds of times on my blog over the years.

Probably thousands of times. Yes, definitely thousands of times. The problem with a comment like this; it takes zero effort and displays mindlessness, carelessness and a general spammy nature.

Let’s think it through. If getting featured on a popular blog were as easy as commenting “Great post”, every such comment would be approved, giving all bloggers who publish generic, 2 word comments a link on a top blog.

I have no idea why people do not think through such a strategy because a few moments of thinking would reveal publishing spam just wastes your time and also wastes the time of your fellow blogger.

Why would you comment like this? Fear. Hurry. Rush. Desperation. I scanned a few more of these 2 word comments on my blog a few moments ago.

I have compassion for scared bloggers but figure teaching you what does not work and what does work is the most compassionate lesson I can offer for bloggers who lost their way.

What Does Not Work

If you do not want to get featured on popular blogs, do not read blog posts and publish a generic, 2 word comment.

Bloggers rarely if ever seen such comments because spam finds spam or trash folders.

Plus if you thought through the 2 word comment approach, wouldn’t every popular blog be besieged by 100,000 plus great post approved comments, if such an approach worked in helping you get featured on top blogs?

Taking short cuts does not work. Trying to get something for nothing does not work. Trying to force things does not work.

What Does Work

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You learn a simple lesson; you GET by GIVING. Getting interviewed on top blogs requires thousands of hours of writing practice, creating and connecting generously to become skilled and to gain massive exposure.

2 word, generic spam comments reflect trying to GET before GIVING. You want to get quick, easy traffic without giving a generous, helpful, genuine blog comment.

How Not to Get Featured on Popular Blogs 2

Be generous. That works. Be genuine. That works too. Be helpful. That works as well.

Nothing generous, genuine and helpful seems resonant with a “Great post”, comment because it reeks of stinginess, being not genuine and being not too helpful at all.

If top bloggers are not doing it, beware. If top bloggers do not endorse a strategy, stop doing it or avoid doing it all together, in most cases.

I am not sure if I have even seen a celebrity blogger say something like this because you see the most genuine people with worldly success understand blogging is about being honest, helpful and engaging, in authentic fashion.

Create and Connect

Create helpful content daily. Build meaningful friendships daily. Create and connect your way onto popular blogs, without pitching anybody, like I teach in my  blogging course. Bloggers become popular by rendering genuine, generous services.

This is why you need to fall in love with the process and let go all else.

See the Journey Through

Getting featured on popular blogs feels difficult in moments. Embrace tough feelings. Follow your fun. Stop spamming. Publish a mindful comment, patiently.

If getting featured on top blogs was as easy as publishing a “Great post,” comment, we could all publish comments on any blog, no sweat. Landing spots on top blogs requires a bit more effort.

One Small Favor

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