How Is Your Blogging Environment?

Right now, my blogging environment is peaceful. I write in the wee hours of Saturday morning. 12:12 AM. I was out all day at basketball games. Time to get back to work for a few hours before I go to sleep. Quiet, serene and calming, I know the words flow easily. Why? I surround myself with calm. Calm is the natural result. As within, so without, then, so within, again.

Chapter 8 of my eBook:

10 Blogging Lessons I Learned in Bali (to Accelerate Your Online Success)

lays out the truth: Your blogging environment makes or breaks you. Literally, the world you adopt or the environment you choose dictates your blogging direction. Bali was a pretty sweet blogging environment. I cannot lie. But I maintain a simple, peaceful, serene environment here in New Jersey, too. People wrongly believe I am calm just because I live in peaceful tropical paradises. Not true. I am at peace equally here in the US, in the most population dense state in the entire country. I can reach out with my arms and about touch another human in every direction. Such is NJ.

Imagine if I sat in a chaotic situation now. Visualize me sitting in a loud, hectic, bus station somewhere, people yelling like mad folks, me trying to get my work done. Impossible set up for successful blogging. Even me working in my bedroom with TV blaring, radio on and YouTube playing in the background is a bit too much for me, at least. Distractions City. Not the ideal environment for getting work done because dividing your energy leads to a blogging job poorly done.

How Is Your Blogging Environment? 2

Imagine screaming kids, barking dogs, and technology yelling at my attention. I barely get minutes for my phone. Phones ringing and messages flowing to me and being online away from the home office and being plugged in 24-7 would kill my creativity. How could I ever write over 100 eBooks if I glued my eyes to my phone every 4 minutes? I could not write 1 eBook, let alone 100 plus, if I obsessed over tech and allowed this Dark Mirror scenario to play out as my blogging environment. I found it easier to simply keep things quiet, cool, collected and calm, around me.

Friends Play a Part

Friends who blog play a part in your blogging environment. Even if a blogging buddy does not sit in your room, these folks play a role in affecting your environment, through their energy. Negative friends need to go. No excuses. Simply kick these people to the side because positive results do not sprout and grow in negative environments. Ensure all folks who join your blogger buddy network emit a positive, loving, high energy vibe and release everybody else.

Maybe you need to make uncomfortable decisions to release former blogging buddies. Success is well worth it. Happiness is worth it too. Nobody earned the right to create a toxic environment around you. Let go the negative nellies.

How is your blogging environment? Do you need to simply get a bit clearer on making things quiet, cool and collected, around you? Maybe it is time to release the distracting noise and negative bloggers around you, in order to promote your blogging growth and success. You choose your blogging environment. Your blogging environment does not choose you. Remember this to catch yourself, if you begin to blame someone else or some other factor on your current blogging environment.

One Small Favor

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