How Do You Handle Blogging Feedback?

Be honest.

Do you take feedback personally? I do not. But I used to take feedback personally. Take my eBook:

How to Pick the Right Blogging Niche

The split second I saw not all 5 star reviews a few years ago, I felt a little pang of fear.

Did someone not like the eBook? Why not? I had to feel the fear of criticism to understand all feedback for blogging, eBooks and life is just someone’s take or viewpoint.

If someone feels unhappy, they either keep quiet and move on, or, post a negative review. I have nothing to do with their unhappiness, although I do listen to feedback to see if it helps me and my readers, or, if it is a lie, designed to hurt me, and my readers.

Liars try to unload suffering; I avoid their bad karma. Honest, genuine people offer caring, loving feedback from abundance and kindness, not from fear and pain. I tune in to the caring people because their feedback may just help me and my readers.

Sit with Your Feelings

As you get featured on famous blogs, something interesting happens: a bunch more fans find you and a few more critics find you too. Sit with your feelings if critics offer negative feedback.

Do you want to fight them? This is fear. Do you want to debate them? This is fear. Do you feel embarrassed, ashamed or upset? This is fear. Feel the fears. Release the fears. Proceed from open-minded energy.

I always open up to criticism to see how I feel. These days, I just see someone offering an opinion based on their perception, or, projection. No big deal. But years ago, I lived a different story.

How Do You Handle Blogging Feedback? 2

I tried to fight critics, to really lay into these folks. Turns out, I feared their criticism was true so had to clear the fear, by feeling it, in order to honestly assess if their feedback was helpful, or, hurtful.

Most of the time, critics offered feedback intended to hurt me because they were in pain. They tried to unload their lies onto me. I just simply get out of the way when these folks offer such rubbish, feeling compassion for the critics but not jumping on their karmic sinking ship.

Some kind folks offer clear, honest feedback. Do not fight loving people just because they share a different view that helps you and your readers. Love these folks. Listen to their advice. Process. Seize the truth that assists you and your audience, and run with it.

Be Honest

Some bloggers claim to be not bothered by critics. 5 minutes later, these folks are foaming at the mouth on getting a 1 star review, ready to fight these critics. If you feel even a little upset by blogger feedback, you fear the feedback and believe it IS true, a little bit. Honestly embrace the fear, and true feelings, to proceed from a clearer, purer, open energy.

Being honest is where freedom begins. Liberate yourself from the opinions of others but listen closely to see if their feedback benefits your blogging community.

Never take feedback personally; it is about the person offering feedback, not you. Be at peace with this truth to experience sweet blogging success as your tribe and strangers alike nudge you toward greater success through their feedback.

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