How Do You Get Your Readers to Trust You?

Trust is the #1 blogging currency.

People trust you. People follow your blog. People buy from you. People hire you.

Nazim invited me to guest post because he trusts me.

Trust opened the door. I guest post here because I trust Nazim and his blog.

Plus he runs a blogging tips blog. I trust I connect with my core readers by guest posting on Make Blogging regularly.

Everything we do as humans tends to mirror trust back to us. We trust something or someone and move in that general direction.

On the flip side, if you do not trust someone you avoid that person like the plague.

Like the fool I spotted a few hours ago spamming one feed of mine, claiming he makes $18,000 super easy, like clockwork.

I assure you; bloggers who make $18,000 easy do not advertise the opportunity via spam comments posted on updates completely non-aligned to the opportunity.

How do you get readers to trust you?

Tell the Truth

Tell the truth to gain trust. Follow this simple, easy way to inspire readers to trust you.

Fools lie to readers because once you lose trust – and you will, lying to readers – you literally lose everything. Traffic, profits, everything vanishes the moment you lie to your readers. Lying does not necessarily mean saying something outrageous.

Lying can be making an income claim you personally did not achieve, but do not claim.

Example; imagine creating the title “How to Make $10,000 Monthly through Blogging” if you have never made $10K monthly through blogging.

Even though you did not say, “How I Make $10,000 Monthly through Blogging”, you still lie because you do not know how to make 10 G’s per month.

How could you know if you never made 10 Gs yourself? Even if you relay advice from pros who net $10 K monthly, it is lying unless you literally reference the pros in the blog post title and in the blog post itself.

How Do You Get Your Readers to Trust You? 2

Tell the truth. Do not lie. Be genuine to make the greatest blogging impact and to gain reader trust.

Invest in Resources

I wrote an eBook: 8 Tips to Gain the Trust of Your Blogging Audience

to supply you with a rich blogging resource for study and use. I inspire readers to trust me. Naturally, I share what builds trust to help you build trust. Invest in resources.

Gain trust by referring to rich resources designed to accelerate the trust-building process.

Emit a Professional Image

Buy your domain and hosting. Buy a premium theme. Create helpful content. Build genuine bonds with fellow bloggers.

Be professional to emit a pro image and to gain reader trust. People trust my blog the moment they arrive because my clear, clean, professional-looking blog design inspires trust. Ditto for my domain and hosting.

People see I am a serious, trustworthy blogger even before readers sink their cyber teeth into my work.

Be a pro and act like a pro. Be taken seriously and gain trust by conveying a serious, professional image for your blog.

Readers will head for the hills fast unless you give them a clear, concise reason for people to trust you.

Give them that reason to inspire your readers to trust you.

Trust Yourself

As within, so without. Trusting myself deeply allowed more bloggers to trust me and to buy into my content.

Tap into the mirror effect. Trust yourself to allow more bloggers to trust you, growing the trust factor of your readership.

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