How Do You Get Your Blog off of the Ground?

First off, love what you do. Blog mainly for fun. Big time starting point. Then, patiently and persistently create helpful content and build strong bonds with top bloggers to increase your skills, and to expand your reach. Spend hundreds of hours doing this stuff generously, trusting in yourself and trusting in the blogging process, to get your blog off of the ground. This is the way to hit the ground running. Doesn’t it sound exciting? Fun and freeing too, eh? No fear-based, stressful obsession over outcomes. No silly, manipulative tactics leading to blogging struggles. All you do is generously help people and make friends for hundreds of hours. I know you; I believe in you, and figure, yeah, you are definitely up to it šŸ™‚

Of course, falling deeply in love with blogging and with covering your niche helps smooth out the newbie blogging process. Expect some mild bumps if you love this journey because even passionate bloggers need to face resistance in the form of fears in order to get clear and focused during beginner days. How would it feel to live your dreams through blogging? Amazing, right? Play around with feeling those amazing, freeing, fun, happy emotions for a bit. Go ahead. Do it now. I mean that. Feeling awesome-sauce now helps you vibe at the level of generous, trusting, calm, confident bloggers, the perfect vibe for seeing this blogging journey through from your newbie days. Unfortunately, if you are being straight with yourself, you likely began blogging from a heavier fear-based, tense energy, quite different from the generous, trusting vibe I speak of. Why? Most bloggers begin blogging vibing from fear because they fear some aspect of their current life and simply want to avoid or escape that life versus actually living a fun, freeing life.

How Do You Get Your Blog off of the Ground? 2

Most bloggers blog to avoid stress versus living their most fun, freeing dream life. Since where your focus goes, grows, trying to avoid stress focuses your energy on stress, allowing stress to expand, fueling your blogging struggles. Take a different approach. Blog to live your fun, freeing dreams. Focus on those emotions to allow these energies to expand, fueling your newbie blogger success. Guys; you make the choice. Making fun, freeing decisions inspires you to create helpful content generously and to bond with top bloggers, giving you the coveted skills and exposure increase leading to increased blog traffic. Everything grows when you grow. Do you like that line? I figured you would. Your blog traffic grows when you grow as an individual, through your personal development. Profits gains grow as you grow individually, too. But as a newbie blogger, just focus mainly on increasing traffic by generously helping people and by genuinely connecting with top bloggers in your niche, promoting these pros on your blog and through social media while commenting mindfully on their blogs.

Give freely, connect genuinely and you will hit the ground running as a newbie blogger.


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