How Do You Become an Expert Blogger?

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How to Become an Online Expert with Little or No Experience

Guess what? Virtually all bloggers begin blogging with zero niche experience and ALL bloggers begin blogging with zero blogging experience. How in the hell can you have blogging experience if you are new to blogging?! LOL?! Sometimes, ego makes some silly errors. Like believing you can become an expert on day 1 of your blogging career.

Do you gain expert status by saying you are an expert? No Sir. No Ma’am. Experts become experts by helping a big volume of people generously, for many years. After the generous, service, 10, 1,000 and 100,000 people say,

“Hey, that Ryan Biddulph guy is SO helpful! He’s an expert!”

Then, 10, 1,000 and 100,000 more people hear these words and perceive Ryan Biddulph as an expert through word of mouth marketing. Rather than sound like an utter dingbat by writing about myself in the 3rd person, I shall stop doing that. Right now. Ryan Biddulph will stop doing that. Oops. Sorry. I could not resist. Hah!

Guys; helping a lotta folks for free through blogging, guest posting and genuine blog commenting is hands down the simplest, most direct way to gain expert blogging status. But helping people for free may be super uncomfortable because who wants to help people for free, for 10,000 plus hours, every SINGLE minute of the time? Not me. Even I get sick of helping people in minutes or moments. It is called, being a human being who is not enlightened. Sure I only get bored or tired of rendering service for a few moments or minutes out of a lotta hours, but I just nudge through the fears, hug the discomfort, and move on. No problems. No drama.

I get back to helping people for free. Folks dig my content. People see me as being an expert. Folks call me an expert. My expert status stretches far and wide, being fanned by the flames of a viral movement, courtesy of word of mouth marketing. But service made the expert. Generously helping people about blogging simply made me an expert in the eyes of folks who loved my content.

Help, help, then help some more. Cut the strings of expectation. Love the process. Have fun helping people. In time, your skills, exposure and credibility expand slowly but surely. As more folks trust you – because they see a skilled, credible blogger in a gazillion spots – your expert status grows. Congrats! Good for you. We have another expert in the blogging tips niche. I love it. No need for me and a few other established pros to blog around all lonely, in our circles. We want more experts to enjoy this authority ride. Join us!

Expert status gets earned over years, folks. Nobody takes expert short cuts. Transitioning from amateur blogger, to pro blogger, to expert blogger, well, this process requires hours upon hours of generous service. That’s it. You can do it. You will succeed.But the starting point is loving the process of freely helping people. Never be stingy; like The Grinch, during a stock market crash. Do not hold back. Give even MORE freely if bloggers around you stingily and greedily dole out their gifts, their talents, their expertise. Better yet; lose these zeroes to surround yourself with compassionate, generous blogging heroes. Yes; that sounds better as butter on top of a fluffy pancake.

Hang with generous experts. Study their ways. Mimic their movements. Blog in your voice – of course – but notice how experts always seem to be helping people generously. Be that blogger! Help people freely, cut the strings of expectation and you will eventually be invited into the Expert Blogger Club.

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