How Confident Do You Feel about Your Income Streams?

Some bloggers talk a tough game. Belief seems bandied about by hyper confident, clear, bold types.

But in the next breath, truth serum finds its way out of the individual. Secretly – or not so secretly – most bloggers fear running out of money and utterly lack confidence in themselves, in their income streams and in their ability to actually make money online through the income streams. Hey; been there. Before more folks reached out to me for sponsored posts and ad opportunities, in addition to prospering through other channels, I doubted I could make a stinking penny through virtually all blogging income streams I opened through my online business.

Guilty as charged.

Being honest makes the difference for when you cease BSing self and begin owning how you genuinely feel about your blogging profits, terrible feelings aka fears arise for your embracing and releasing. From there, you feel lighter, more relaxed and quite chill. Perfect energy for getting clear and confident about allowing money in, through your blogging profit channels.

But the beginning point for this magical shift involves eating an energetic poop sandwich. In simpler terms, you need to face, feel and release your deep money fears to get clear and confident on making money through blogging income streams. The culprit for any money shortage is ideas-fear-energies in your mind. Income streams in and of themselves serve as neutral channels. No emotion in an income stream because no thing is sentient, right? Realizing this simple truth makes blogging life easier. Stop blaming income channels. Cease pinning blame on recessions or economic downturns. Now it is time to own your feelings in order to proceed from a more prospering energy.

Never lie to yourself. Even if you seemingly fool other folks about your false bravado you cannot outsmart your subconscious mind. Nobody outwits or outfoxes their energy. Emotions are true. Feelings are real. How you genuinely feel deep down in your being drives your blogging actions and results. No way around this one. People see – or you see – your lack of blogging confidence via your blogging struggles. If your income seems stuck at zero dollars for years, you have a confidence problem. Or a fear problem. Fear losing money. Even if you deem yourself a confident earner. Money vanishes. Money disappears.

Don’t fret over not being honest with self for years. Most of us bloggers cling to ego blind spots. Sometimes we need to get down and dirty with our feelings to address any fake it until you make it, silly strategies guaranteed to accelerate your blogging failure faster than a pronghorn drinking a 64 ounce cup of coffee with 15 sugars. Yeah….that fast. Fake it until you make it approaches focus your feelings on what you do not have. What happens next? Yep; you guessed it! Feeling lack at what you do not have eats into your confidence and emits a poverty conscious vibe. Feeling poverty conscious starves you of your blogging confidence. Especially in terms of all things income.

Face, embrace, feel and release doubts about your blogging profit channels. Replace with energies of fun, love, abundance and generosity, a general clarity and confidence with receiving money through your blog. Money can and does flow to and through abundant feeling bloggers. So….be that blogger. Raise your vibe by feeling lower vibes. The confidence you gain in your blog monetizing abilities is well worth feeling a few select moments of energetic ick. No one enjoys feeling fear and pain but clearing these insidious energies opens you up to a profitable blogging future.

Be clear. Be confident. Be bold. We love what you have to offer and will gladly prosper you but you need to gain confidence in your blogging income streams for us to reflect your clarity back to you.

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