How Can Your Blog Evolve?

I spent a bit of this morning changing my blogging strategy a little bit. I am busy now. Moving dictates that I spend hours prepping the house for selling.

Prep time eats into my blogging time but to have a life offline – exercising and mindset stuff and Netflix – I release some blogging work time to make room for my moving and energy stuff.

Did I feel good, clear and comfortable making this shift? Heck no. I had to evolve by facing my fears. I allowed my blog to evolve too. I had been prolific for a minute.

But now I intend to be more prolific with shorter form content. All content is valuable. 600 words benefits you like my prior 1000 word posts. But chopping 1000 to 600 words per post demands I face worthiness, deserving and value-adding issues.

Bloggers brain wash bloggers to believe some word counts yield value and others do not. Not true. 600 words is valuable like 1000 words. Everything depends on your clarity. I had to get clear to allow my blog to evolve from longer to shorter form content. But getting clear involves facing fears.

No one enjoys feeling fear. I sure don’t. You sure don’t. But facing, feeling and releasing fear is critical to get clear and evolve along with your blog.

What do you need to let evolve with your blog? Do you need to begin adding video to your blogging campaign? Do you need to write and self-publish eBooks? How about creating audio books?

Or maybe short blog posts seem to be in order now? Or maybe longer form posts seem to be in order now? No one knows but you. Evolving is a private, individual, intimate experience because all bloggers evolve in different ways, at different rates.

I had to trash 3400 blog posts to evolve. Here’s the eBook:

Why Trashing 3400 Blog Posts Was My Greatest Blogging Success

Buy it to evolve.

Evolving involves making freeing but sometimes unpleasant choices. Get used to it. Trashing blog posts long tired, worn out and no longer useful streamlines your blog. Deleting 1, 10 or 3400 posts feels uncomfortable. Such is evolution. Allow your blog to evolve by stripping what needs stripping.

Release what needs releasing to grow quickly. I felt as if I let go an anchor the moment I trashed 3400 blog posts from my old blog. Letting go the energetic anchor goaded me to create Blogging From Paradise. I saw clearly because I allowed my old blog to die so I could give birth to Blogging From Paradise.

Let go to grow. Release to proceed. Spot where your blog needs evolving. As my post word count dropped I needed to add videos. Heck; I have some thousands upon thousands of YouTube videos to add to my blog posts. Adding video increases time spent on my blog posts and guest posts.

I save precious minutes writing but add precious minutes to time spent online by adding videos.

Here is one such video:

5 Tips for Challenging Your Worst Limiting Beliefs

See what I mean? I make life easier by evolving. I evolve along with my blog. I had to see me and my blog in the light of truth to allow evolution to unfold. Do the same to get clear on your evolution.

Everything begins with honesty. I recall a fellow blogger who sold books through a process of emailing, mailing books and spending days to make a sale. She would have been wise to evolve by using Amazon. 1 click, buy made and your blogging income increases immediately.

Evolve. Grow with the times. Flow through change. Everything success-wise unfolds for evolving bloggers who let their blogs evolve. How can you change? Do it. Grow through the times versus just going through the times.

One Small Favor

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