How Can You Transition from Being an Employee to Pro Blogger?

Know why you want to blog. Tie that reason to something fun, freeing and fulfilling.

Find a skilled, capable blogging mentor.

Invest money in their knowledge.

Blog generously for 2-4 hours daily.

Slowly but steadily open multiple streams of income.

Be patient.

Be persistent.

Transition from employee to pro blogger.

Expect the journey to take a bit. Nobody develops blogging skills overnight. Nobody succeeds overnight with blogging. Plus you work a full time job, eating into time and energy devoted to blogging. Do not worry. Put in the time. Devote a steady amount of generous energy to blogging. Blogging generously helps you.

Think Like a Solopreneur

Right now, you probably think like an employee. Work a specific task. Get a paycheck weekly. Change your thinking to become a full time blogger. Blogging requires you to work generously before paychecks arrive because you need develop your skills and increase your exposure to become a pro. Factor in adding multiple income streams to make the jump.

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6 Tips to Embrace the Solopreneur Rollercoaster Ride

Think like a solopreneur. Stop thinking like an employee. Be bold. Take initiative. Allow freedom to drive you. After a 12 hour day and putting the kids to bed at 9 PM, you have 2 choices. Fall asleep to the TV or write a blog post that positions you to be free, through blogging. Reading the eBook helps you think like a pro blogger and also helps you navigate the ups and downs of being in business for yourself. Perfect read for aspiring bloggers hellbent on leaving their 9-5 job to become a pro blogger.

How Can You Transition from Being an Employee to Pro Blogger? 2

I cannot stress how important it is to create, connect, monetize and to blog effectively by learning how to do these things from pros. Learn from the best blogging tips bloggers. Study them. Learn how to create and connect. You have to make every minute count and also, follow your fun, to lay the foundation for a full time blogging venture. Be patient, persistent, generous and trusting in the blogging process. Eventually, as you see the wheels turn, what seemed impossible becomes possible, probable, likely, then a certainty. Relish your growth and see infinite possibility, seizing the moment during your off hours to make blogging your full time gig.

The creating and connecting parts are simple but sometimes really uncomfortable because your fears – aka ego – fights you at every turn, trying to make you feel frustrated, upset, paralyzed, hopeless, screaming at you to sprint back into your comfort zone. Emotional intelligence is your #1 asset but developing EI is uncomfortable, and quite scary. Do you desire fun and freedom over working a set job for set hours for a set salary? Do you want to blog from the fun and freedom of your home?

Buy my blogging course. Buy my eBooks. Do the things that lead to fun and freedom by learning from a dude who lives a fun, freeing life. Leave your comfort zone routinely. Make every possible off hour count, blogging for 2 or more hours every single day to create, connect and to prosper.

Work, and be super patient. Work, and be super persistent. Work, and be super generous. Money does not arrive overnight but if you are willing to work, you will see online success. Give yourself 1-2 hours of honest, genuine, intelligent creating and connecting daily, for 2 to 4 hours or more daily. Nothing less cuts it, folks. Success finds committed full time employees who blog when tired or scared or a bit overwhelmed, because the full time income you desire sits well outside of your comfort zone.

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