How Can You Connect More Seamlessly with Bloggers?

Ummmm…just be generous. No joke; being generous opens doors for connecting with fellow bloggers.

Being generous just landed 2 of my eBooks on Market Watch: 5 Blogging Tips to Take to the Bank

Being generous also allowed me to be featured as a contributor on Positively Positive, once again, today.

Making buddies helps you gain folk’s trust. Being armed with trust, everything changes mad fast for you. Why? People take care of their blogging buddies. Bloggers bend over backwards for bloggers who help them out. I love publishing passive traffic for my fellow bloggers every single day. I mean….guest posts. Yep; every guest post I publish serves as passive traffic for my fellow blogging buddies. Easy peasy. Either I publish the post or they publish the post. Point is, we all win, in the end. Why? Being generous simply connects more human beings with one another. More human beings being connected with one another in harmony, through the energy of love, allows us to lift each other up.

More lifting up = more success.

That seamless connection flows and manifests organically if generosity opened the door. But stingy bloggers have a helluva time trying to make connections. Stranger, danger. People put up their guard when a stranger who made no connection thru being generous tries to pitch you on some specific topic, for some personal gain. Such folks litter our spam folders daily. Ya know the type by now. Folks hellbent on meeting THEIR OWN needs – not being generous – repel us like a lion turns its nose down at veggie burgers.

Be generous. Help as many bloggers as possible for free. Expect nothing. Ask for nothing. Organically, some of these bloggers you help befriend you. Befriending you, these bloggers connect with you on a deeper, more intimate, level. Sweetness! Now the fun begins. Co-promoting, supporting each other’s business, or hell, whatever flows from this generous connection, genuinely helps both parties. But the connection needs to be authentic. Two human beings must be genuinely interested in getting to know each other without any fixed agendas in order to succeed online, collectively.

Chat Casually

My friend Alonzo Pichardo and I connected more deeply through an 80’s rap chat on Facebook. We did not both hungrily, greedily, stalk fellow bloggers for joint business partnerships. We both got caught up in helping people generously and had a casual chat on Facebook about a topic we both resonated with.

Simple chat led to all types of successful expansion for both of us.

Those connections grow as you keep sharing, helping and chatting. Be generous. Be social. The connections flow in seamlessly. Sure, you need to work quite a bit. Good things take generous effort and ample time. But this sure beats spending 12 hours daily cold pitching strangers through worn out, tired, BS tactics taught my less than honest internet marketers.

Give. Receive. Does that make sense? Observe happy, full time bloggers and you spot a common pattern; these pros generously served people for a long time to lay a successful foundation for their blogging business. No way it happens, any other way. At least if you want worldly success along with peace of mind, that you build your venture the right way.

The alternative sucks; either struggle and fail solo, or make some dough, then lose your reputation. Not good. Not fun.

Why not enjoy the ride while helping people? Plus, you sleep well at night, blogging with a conscience. Sounds good to me. I love my sleep. I also enjoy helping people freely, making friends seamlessly and connecting with fellow bloggers organically, with generosity opening the door.


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