How Can You Change Your Blogging Income?

5 minutes ago, I scanned my email.

Turns out, not using Yahoo for 5 years, I still receive emails I subbed for 10 years ago. One such email was a paid survey site. Yep; I did those 10 years ago. I did paid surveys 10 years ago because I clung to a poverty consciousness. Plus, I had little money, too. Never kid yourself. People with massive worldly wealth still can be stricken by a poverty consciousness. A billionaire heiress from the early 1900’s ate cold oatmeal because she feared spending money on gas for the stove. No joke!

Anyway, a $5 paid survey found its way into my Yahoo inbox. How long would it take to complete? 40 minutes. Poverty conscious thinking Ryan from 10 years ago desperately jumped at making $5, even if it meant trading 40 minutes for $5. Current day me would trade 1-5 seconds for $5 – maybe – but anything more is poor use of my time. Of course, many bloggers trade 1 hour for $5. Bloggers write 1,000 or 2,000 word blog posts for $5. Really? How can you ever make a solid income by slaving for $5? No blogger goes pro by trading hours of precious time for $5. If spending 1 hour doing anything, you better charge $50, to $100, to $200 or more. Otherwise, you just became the victim of your own poverty consciousness.

Change your blogging income by facing, feeling and releasing money fears. Among said fears, stop trading a bunch of time for a few bucks. Stop blogging like a beggar. Beggars fear money loss so much that they stop working for money all together and beg for virtually nothing. Fear begins in mind and if you do not address fear by feeling it, fear motivates you to do sad, crippling, paralyzing, failing things. Bloggers who charge only $5 for a 1500 word post are not bloggers, but street beggars. Why trade 1-2 hours of your time for $5? Beggars sometimes make more money than that! And you actually render useful service!

Value yourself. Charge abundant prices. Immediately stop trading 30, 60 or 12o minutes for $5 or $10. This is madness. Change your blogging income by changing your money energy. People who have deep pockets rarely use cheapie article writing services. People who have deep pockets pay $50, $100, $200 and more for skilled bloggers who have posture enough to value their time and money, charging $50, $100 or $200 and higher, per short and sweet, job.

I have observed bloggers who bend over backwards to create something for $100. Bloggers spend weeks, or even months, crafting the masterful, genius, over-delivering product. But much heaviness aligns with this approach. Bad energy. Usually, these bloggers struggle to earn coin because they secretly feel not-too-deserving of making money. Meanwhile, I write and self-publish an eBook in a day, make it 6000 words long, sell it for $6.99 and that is that. Posture. Abundance. Why sell a 99 cent eBook? Makes no sense to me.

Far smarter for me, was writing a valuable eBook that delivered helpful solutions to customers and $7 in sales to me, per sale. Or, roughly 4-5 bucks in profits, per sale. Be bold. Help people generously. Be just as generous with yourself. Nobody wins by shorting themselves. No blogger succeeds by being generous with readers but by being stingy and miserly with self. Never trade hours for a few bucks. Trade hours for big bucks. Value your time! Build posture. Position yourself to align with more money, as money perfectly mirrors back to you how you genuinely feel about money, and, how you charge for your products and services.


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