How Bad Is Your Blogging Head Trash?

I cannot get any blog post ideas.

I have no connections.

I am a nobody.

Why would anyone buy my eBooks?

Why would anyone trust me?

I am too lazy.

I would rather watch the game.

Family first (for the 52nd weekend in a row).

Who should I follow?

Who am I to believe I can blog?

Each form of head trash is common. I know. I heard these nasty little devils dancing around in my dome. For years. But I faced and released many of these common fears handcuffing most bloggers. Now it is time for you to face such fears so you can be free of the chains and begin building a successful blogging career.

How bad is your head trash? What type of thoughts dance through your mind from time to time? Be honest. Be straight with yourself. Blogging is between the ears. Either you lie to self from a sense of false positivity or you admit your 0 dollars made blogging and 14 blog visitors daily even though you have blogged for 3 years is your fears, manifest. Be honest about your fears. Feel fears. However unpleasant, feel deep fears to be free of fears and to move forward from a relaxed, calm, abundant energy. Nobody grows blogging-wise by clinging to deep fears. Nobody sprints forward being burdened by doubts. Nobody wins being besieged by blogging head trash.

How Bad Is Your Blogging Head Trash? 2

Believe in yourself. Do not believe in people who doubt you. Do not believe in your head trash. Head trash is fear. Fear is illusion. Illusion is not real. All of the negative ideas and thoughts and feelings you hear in your mind is not real. It is not really there. Do not trust something that is not real. Only Love is Real. Only success is real. Everything else is fake. Everything else is not really there because everything else is fear which is an illusion. So all the chatter in your head is an illusion that is not real. Why does your mind chatter with head trash? Ego likes to keep you comfortable, safe and miserable. Ego does not want you to live your dreams and be free and make tons of money because the ego slowly but surely dissolves every time you help another person and become more successful. Eventually you will move out of a state of self-preservation into preserving other human beings through generous service.

Or you move from survival model into thriving mode. How can the ego worry about itself when you are thriving and not just surviving? It cannot. This is why the ego tries to prevent you from living your wildest dreams and being happy and being free. The ego plays a small role in service and generosity and abundance and love and living your dreams so it fears its death and tries to pull you back and reel you in and keep you miserable with its silly little annoying fear-based chatter. Ignore it. Eventually the voice dies out entirely.


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  1. Thank you Ryan for the inspiration. When I started blogging 4 months back, I had many doubts . And after following you for a few months I can proudly say that , I have atleast 10 blog post ideas in my mind.


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