How Aligned Is Your Blog?

Does everything on your blog speak a single message?

I hope so.

Aligned blogs inspire trust, boost credibility and promote success.

But misaligned blogs promote struggle, failure and quitting.

In my eBook:

10 Branding Tips for Confused Bloggers

one chapter advises you to align and shine. Success flows to bloggers who patiently ensure all elements move in one direction on their blogs to create clarity and order in the minds of readers.

But going in the opposite direction, non-aligned blogs confuse readers. Imagine visiting a blog covering 3 or more blog topics.

Confusion reigns. Plus the blog sidebar seems to list anything under the sun, from a widget showing off user IP addresses to Google Adsense ads promoting 10 different niches to a general, confusing, failing hodgepodge of content.

Treat Your Blog Like a Specialty Store

Yesterday I visited 7-11 here in the States. 7-11 is a convenience store offering simple snacks and goods for a quick, easy purchase.

The chain specializes in a quick, in and out visit, as all stores are small. Any customer walks into 7-11 to get stuff fast and doesn’t mind paying a few extra cents for convenience.

How Aligned Is Your Blog? 2

Treat your blog like a specialty store. Readers visit for one specific reason. Make sure every element on your blog, from posts, to pages, to ads, to products, to sidebar elements, to menus, to your footer text, aligns 100% with your specialty.

I never once promoted anything other than Blogging From Paradise products on my sidebar because I am super clear on my branding.

But even if you promote affiliate products and services, make sure every element on your blog aligns 100% with your niche and brand to keep specializing.

7-11 never sells a 30-pound bag of cereal because buying and lugging around a 30-pound bag of cereal makes no sense in a convenience store.

Visit a wholesaler for that product. Likewise, if someone visits your blogging tips blog and sees a personal development program advertised on the sidebar, you have a problem. People want blogging tips, not personal development tips, through your blog.

Delete the ad to restore alignment.

Ensure 100% of your blog is about blogging tips, you blogging tips bloggers. Every course, eBook and audiobook should be about blogging tips.

I did break this rule a bit because I have over 100 eBooks under my name, many to niches outside of my blogging tips niche. I am comfortable breaking my rule because my eBooks page is the only non-aligned element on my blog; 99% alignment and 1% non-alignment works fine for me.

Chop Chop

Chop all elements non-aligned with your core brand message. Doing so feels uncomfortable at first; nobody enjoys diving into the fear of letting go. But this necessary step positions you to be successful.

Take the step to release non-aligned elements and to send a loud, clear message to all readers. You do one thing. You do it well. Waste, not reader time and energy promoting other products or services outside of your niche.

Stop adding silly, purpose-less widgets that have nothing to do with your blogging niche.

At the end of the day, setting up an app with reader IP address locations is like placing Google Maps with shopper home addresses in a grocery store. Few people genuinely care about the map; folks just want to buy groceries.

Ditto for blog visitors; they just want your content, products, and services.

Get clear, feel fears, release fears and align every element on your blog.

Accelerate your blogging success through the concept of maintaining clarity around your blog and brand.

One Small Favor

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