Have You Entered into the Blogging Automation Abyss?

I spent a few moments scanning a common Twitter blogging hashtag. Nearly 70% of these updates seemed automated. Nobody clicked the links. Nobody retweeted. Nobody did anything with these automated links published through accounts nearly 100% automated. I do not care if you are a full fledged online celebrity; few people care about someone who automates virtually all of their updates because people need real humans, not bots, to follow and engage and learn from on social media.

I get why you automate a little bit to free up your schedule but full bot style tweeting lands your blog posts and tweets in the blogging automation abyss. Eventually, everybody ignores fully automated accounts because folks hate being tweeted at, versus, engaged, and assisted. I even noted a worldwide blogging icon with over 500,000 followers who registered like 2 Likes and 2 Retweets per post a few years ago. Why? He automated his Twitter updates nearly all of the time. Eventually, people tire of seeing auto updates and either completely ignore the tweets or unfollow the individual, never to see their tweets again. People love social bloggers on Twitter, though; this crowd has few problems because adding a personal touch to your online campaign makes you stand out from the automating crowd, those employing bots to basically ensure their online failure.

Have You Entered into the Blogging Automation Abyss? 2

Few things online work from a genuinely 100% automated perspective. People may tout their system as being turnkey but no such thing exists in the blogging world because the split second you lose engagement on social media, you are dead. Your social media account may as well be dead, too. Ditto for your blog. Followers tire of seeing endless social media auto updates and bloggers never responding to their tweets, answering their questions or being there for at least a little chat. I ceased engaging some auto tweeters recently because even though I appreciate their sharing my content I know they will never respond. Being a busy bee, I have no time to chat with someone who I know does not listen so I simply moved on. I chat with engagers and release all else.

As far as automated blog feeds on Twitter that only tweet their own links, I have not engaged these types of accounts for years. I just have not the time or energy to even entertain leaving a comment because I have seen zero human activity from these streams for a long time. If I see this, you better believe all other Twitter followers see this, too. Why do you think none of these tweets get Retweeted or Liked? Every Twitter user sees a auto account, basically a bot, tweeting the same old articles at the same intervals for years. Why would you follow an account if no human being responds to the questions you asked? Why would you click a tweet if the user never chats with you? Why would you engage someone, trust someone or follow someone who never retweets other bloggers?

Stop automating fully. Or risk landing in the blogging abyss. People have time for genuine, engaging bloggers and have no time for anybody else. Stop in on Twitter a few times daily. Be social. Be engaging. Ask questions. Share answers. Twitter gets easier the more you talk to people. Thank your retweeters. Be natural. Your links become so much more clickable if you talk to people on Twitter.


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